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German Translation of Deep Purple – “Child In Time”

This is my German translation of this song’s lyrics

Deep Purple: Child In Time – Kind in der Zeit / Kind, mit der Zeit

Der Titel ist etwas mehrdeutig, denn einerseits kann man ihn allein für sich als Bezeichnung sehen, zum anderen als Ausschnitt aus dem Text…

Süßes Kind
Mit der Zeit siehst du die Grenze
Die Grenze gezogen zwischen
Gut und Böse
Siehst du den blinden Mann
Auf die Welt schießen
Fliegende Kugeln
Ihren Tribut fordern

Wenn du böse warst
Gott, ich wette, das warst du
Und du nicht getroffen wurdest
Von herumfliegendem Blei
Schließ besser deine Augen
Senke besser den Kopf
Warte auf den Querschläger

Die ganzen “oooh”s und “aaah”s (die manche Songtext-Seiten im Netz auch aufführen), kann ich mir hier sparen, oder? :) Nur die Zeile “Oh, I gotta hear you sing” fehlt noch: Oh, I muss dich/euch singen hören.

Verbesserungsvorschläge sind willkommen, ebenso Wünsche für die nächsten Übersetzungen…

Anghela’s friend Galina

My regular readers might remember the scam mail series with “Anghela” with funny automatic translation, which I received in German and tried to reproduce in English, somewhat simulating the bad language – but Anghela isn’t alone. And this long mail, too, which tries just as well to grift travel money from overcredulous recipients or use them for money laundering, went to many mailboxes, with a few variations and different mail addreses – here the German antispam forum thread, and an example of another German commenting it.


As Terry Pratchett put it, Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind. In this case, diseasedly criminal, it seems. „about my letter please be not astonished! I saw your account on the web page of the acquaintances. This web page is called “FreundScout24” or “Meetic”.“ Now where? Can’t remember that? Diseased mind, hm?

„You have the registration there?“ I thought you saw me there – so why the question?

„I want that you understand me. I will strive to [German] write properly.“ Then why don’t you try harder in this mail? The first impression is often important! I think that you man with whom I are I can happy be. I think that you should your school fee you get back: „You understand mine [German]? I studied [German] in the school and the college.“

„I upset am when I write this letter for you.“ And I’m upset when I receive spam. Well, at least you can laugh at spam like yours… I will very very attend your reply. Oh, you too? Anghela was eager about that too.

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Honest spam and unnecessary questions

Earlier today, a spam mail which slipped through my filter honestly announced its dishonest intentions already in the subject line:

New job! fishy


The main text then was just a “Ciao”, a link and badly translated prose. (And there have been are other variations with other words, of course. Most got filtered out correctly, though.)

And a comment spam disguised as questions asked yesterday, among other things:

On what a cursor operates this forum works?

I’ll be so kind and answer this question: Mostly, it’s probably one like this one arrow cursor, and this hand cursor and that text cursor are quite common, too – but basically, it doesn’t matter. :P

Aur Onnad Meren!

J.R.R. Tolkien, creator of the fantasy world Middle-earth with his novel series “The Lord Of The Rings” and several other works, would have become 116 years old today.

Quetis Ilfirimain:
Corma turien te
Corma tuvien
Corma tultien te
Huines se nutien.
Tercáno Nuruva.
Tuvien Corma tultien te
Huinesse nutien
Corma turien te Corma.

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(Source title “Happy birthday”, poem)