Nude at the electricity meter

…or: The last search queries of last year that led visitors here.
(As before, search queries have a grey background; I didn’t make them shorter or longer. I just translated the German ones.)

And to avoid any misunderstanding at the beginning: I was not nude at the electricity meter when I read it earlier today to tell my new provider the current reading. But nudity and pantilessness are in great demand on the internet – be it my aunt naked or no panties coffee. Er. Yes. Fine by me. It’s of course understandable that my wife below without photos, becaue who would stick photos down there? Surely no panties under the mini but a plug instead is more comfortable.^^ You’ll love these girls together!!

I’ll satisfy the wish for pictures without panties / photos without panties – on these photos, there is certainly no underwear visible:

hoar-frost hoar-frost

But it will be harder with show christina aguilera without picture, you’d have to find her personally to be able to show her without using a picture. And who knows if christina aguilera without sleep isn’t too mad, since sleep deprivation is said to increase aggressiveness…

After masturbation christmas now quickly the appeal: men! wear thongs, panties slip off the ass! :P

That’s enough salaciousness for this time. Let’s have a quick look at crapy english with i now my life i now try gonna or sometimes de freedom gonna break, in order to get to some quite strange questions or sentences that really makes you wonder why anyone would search for them:

  • baby can you see the moonlight? Well, I can answer this one: no, it’s too cloudy and overcast.
  • there is a song hush little baby dont say a word
  • what color do my eyes look in this picture?
  • what do you think i could say at this moment
  • i know it’s late to call i don’t blame you if you are angry
  • and i don’t wanna know if theres another part of me i don’t wanna feel if im alive i don’t wanna smell the bed where you used to sleep i’m gonna miss it again miss it again i just wanna walk away from the ashes and take the fact that ive been burned and maybe let you know im still standing and if you miss it again miss it again i’m around lyrics

Before even more people request impossible things such as trustworthy horoscopes or exact lotto number prediction, I better stop for today…

Cheers, and don’t say a word but just kiss. :kussm:

1 Trackback

  1. S

    Oh, die Suchbegriffe farblich zu unterlegen ist eine hervorragende Idee, ich glaub, die klaue ich…

  2. c

    Hilfe! Diebe!! :mrgreen:

    Ne, nur zu, die war, glaub ich, eh nicht auf meinem Mist gewachsen…

    Ich freu mich dann schon auf deine nächsten Suchbegriffe. :)

  3. S

    …kann sich nur noch um Tage handeln!

  4. M

    Beim ersten Foto hängt was im Balkon, ich erkenn es zwar nicht, aber es könnte ein Höschen sein!

    Steinigt ihn! Er hat Jehova gesagt! :D

  5. c

    Smilie by

    So groß wie das ist, ist das sicher kein Höschen. Smilie by

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