How long can a fx live?

  • What whaddaya want?
    “Answer” a few questions from search queries (highlighted with grey background, German ones translated) that took visitors to this site in the first half of March.
  • Then go ahead, who waits forever anyway?
    We already started…
  • how long can a fx live?
    Hmm, maybe 2 years in the wild and 8 years in captivity – that is, two thirds of how long a fox can live (cf. Wikipedia), with regard to the number of letters? At least that would be a concrete answer that applies to the “live” in the question – unlike “fax” or “effects” or whatever…
  • what does miracl mean in German?
  • what can be read in tarot cards?
    Well, you can try to cut one open (but watch out, don’t hurt yourself when cutting open such flat things like cards!), the you’ll see if there’s something written inside that you can read. :mrgreen:
  • where do we come from belief doubt
    I don’t know about you, but I just came back from the toilet. And yes, I did wash my hands, you really can believe that, without a doubt.
  • will god give up on me?
    Might be more sensible the other way round. :teufel: But if you believe in him, you should ask him directly, since Google or other search engines, as mentioned before, certainly aren’t got.

  • where to buy spoon bender?
    I suggest you ask Uri Geller. He might not be cheap, though…

  • has anyone ever used the musical scale to predict the lottery numbers?
    :lol2: Indeed, there are strange questions and hopes… But well, that will yield the same results as other “methods”, that is, none, because:
    who can predict lotto numbers?
  • what percentage of women wear pantys to bed?
    I don’t know. Therefore: :mrgreen:
    (Men may vote on behalf of their wives/girlfriends)

Women: Do you wear panties in bed?

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  • are there human beings on other planets?
    No, not yet. But some are planned to land starting in 2020 or later.
  • 50 million blow flies can’t be wrong
    That’s no question. And stay away with your blowflies! Smilie by Even a single one is what I wouldn’t want in my apartment.
  • whats the song that goes free your mind and the rest will follow
    “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue.
  • why do i ask when it’s time for the mind to let go?
    That is something not even I can tell you. But I think I help you a little: that’s it for now, bye!


  1. jL

    :lol: wundr?!?! Das solltest du dir schnell patentieren lassen und die URL gleich dazu!

    Ich sollte auch mal so eine Liste machen. Bin aber zu faul, die alle rauszusuchen. Es waren schon einige verdammt blöde Fragen dabei.

  2. c

    Ja, wenn pro Woche Tausende von Suchanfragen kommen, wird’s unübersichtlich, deswegen hab ich mich diesmal auf die mit W oder Fragezeichen beschränkt (und die mit den 50 Millionen Fliegen war mir in der alphabetischen Liste ins Auge gesprungen). :)

    Und die URLs (de+com) sind schon an “W und R”-Firmen vergeben…

  3. e

    I put in my e mail her and sent my comment but it said the e mail isnt allowed for visitors.What does that entail please?

  4. c

    Maybe it wasn’t the best message for this purpose, but it means that I don’t want you spammers here, writing some simple comments with little or no relevance at all and linking to some music store that seems to be in dire need for links.

    And by the way, all of the links you entered previously have been removed anyway.

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