Divine search phrases

magnifying glass and praying girl :bow: Welcome to a special edition of “replying” to search queries about religious topics – and a little mysticism is included, too…

Fot those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones. Conveniently, they can form a real dialog (if you arrange them as needed, as I did), which I emphasised with long dashes “—”.

I know your in heaven smiling down every day we pray for you — Think about it, does it make sense (even from the point of view of a deeply religious person) to pray for someone who is already in heaven? — Think? Don’t want to do that; see, that’s why I believe! :twisted:

God… — Which one? You can find yourself a god, believe in which one you want cause dont you know there all the same, they just go by different names. — People try and tell that its crazy: weird look at the wall for 10 seconds and you will see god — Yeah, that’s really weird, downright insane. I got a better idea: look up at me and you’ll see your god! And as a god, I’ll answer a few questions:

Oh lord is i in heaven? — No, not in English, but the German word for “heaven”, “Himmel”, does indeed contain an “i”.

God why won’t you let me sell my house? — ’cause you’re living in a church, that’s why!

Oh lord wont you by me a monkey? — What banalities should a god be in charge of?? And you certainly won’t get a monkey: monkeys are evil, they remind too much of evolution! ;)

What’s the point of living if we know were gonna die one day? Speak o lord as we come to you! — You woudln’t need a god to find an answer: to live, of course! — till the end of my days o lord? — Right-o!

Lord i know that i’m in your hands and you won’t let go — Don’t be so sure about that – that’s also what a free climber said when folding his hands to pray… …and thud!

My god why is my heart so cold? — Wait a moment, im searching for an angel to bring me your heart, then I’ll have a closer look.

I did some science and im feeling’ fine — Fine, you’re getting better!

how numerology help our science and technology — But not with such a crap as numerology! — *sheepishly* trees numerology? numerology hyphen value? — Stop it, that’s anything but science, that’s bullshit!

Speaking of bullshit:

pierre franckh wishing bullshit? — Yes! (he’s a small German Rhonda Byrne, if you will)

:bye: That’s it – and as closing words for today:
Why be a nobody in heaven when you can be a star in hell?


  1. jL

    Haha, was die Leute wieder mal suchen, tsts. Besonders der letzte ist cool – das werde ich mir auf ein T-Shirt drucken!

  2. c

    Davon machst du dann aber auch ein Foto, das du veröffentlichst. :)

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