How to kno if your important

crazy guy in shower WAT IST THE COOLEST THING AN EARTH? That’s right, these search requests, well can you see its just great! So welcome to a special edition of “replying” to search queries which are even more odd and crazy than before.

Fot those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

To answer the question in the title right away: you’re important if your search request shows up here!

say that u stay FOR A LITTEL dont say bay bay to naight
Surre, I won’t LEAVE thayt fast.

happy time you worn hey you does love me
You, thanks, happy time has too!

every secret wanna order belong time end tonight
do you night world you see it’s all about the money
Frankly, I can’t tell, but do you like what you see? it’s all about the money!

www the best fire explanations de
What do you need them for?
I want to buy mini fireforks
Mini? So humble this time? Well, okay, do it, I can’t stop you anyway.

there –-> was hard to move on because i still loved what was gone but with your help it got over you! .....its crazy to realize but its the true.....
Where? Your “there” is certainly different from my “there”, for these words are now here and no longer there.

how much is 30 € of %
I’d say about 70% of €.

problems and percentage
Well spotted.

loverboy on *our* day the good ol days :tear:
Oh girl on *this* day the search query :shakehead:

Plugin; underwear; men
This is; a strange; combination. A WordPress plugin that displays which underwear the male blog owner is currently wearing? Really an odd wish… You know what? Just take a Twitter plugin and tell the world what you are wearing in your tweets! (I’m sure you’re not the first to do so…)

jobs written with two e
You can’t write that well with one or two “e” alone, a pencil or marker would be better. Even on keyboards, there’s not just the E key, but also End, Del, Enter, …

the pigs can take my body but they can never take my sole
Oh, that’s why the pigs are running after you – they want the soles from your shoes back, they had been their brother! How atrocious and cruel…

i sat on the roof and kicked
Kick it! Start the music!

wee hey ooh whey hey ooh :tanz:
hey!say!jump shining sky :freu:
yippie ya ya ya :jubel:
we ve day ole ole :clap:

Alright, we’re beat, completely exhausted… Bye, that’s it for this time – pink or blue may your dreams come true!

Photo: adamsphoto/sxc


  1. b

    Wenn ich sonntags abends mal keine Zeit habe, übernimmst Du dann meine Sprechstunde mit der Patientengruppe? Ich halte dich angesichts des obigen Sitzungsprotokolls für hochkompetös!

  2. jL

    :rotfl: das mit dem da -…-> ist echt unübertroffen!

    buchstaeblich, ich glaube solange cimddwc sich noch nicht mit Mädchenfrisuren auskennt, ist er noch nicht 100%ig qualifiziert.

  3. c

    :danke: Ja, das mit den Mädchenfrisuren ist noch ein Problem – aber wenn Mädchenfrisuren für Söhne und andere Jungs jetzt auch hier gefunden werden, weil das Wort Mädchenfrisuren in diesen Kommentaren erwähnt wird, wird’s vielleicht auch mit meiner Mädchenfrisuren-Erfahrung noch was…

  4. T

    “Berufe die mit zwei e geschrieben werden”

    Stadt-Land-Fluß ist heutzutage wohl auch komplizierter als früher.

    Wie schade, daß ich nur ganz normale und langweilige Suchanfragen habe… :-(

  5. HV

    At one point I thought I was the only person who was funny enough to write stuff like this.

  6. c

    Well, you certainly got some nice verses – gonna read more when I got more time. :)

    (Just let me add that I – and others – would prefer commenters to enter their (nick)name instead of search-engine friendly keywords like you did. Thanks.)

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