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Your Opinion is Important!

Scan of the bulk mailNo, I’m not referring to the oh so important polls in this blog, ;) but to a bulk mail I got today, “The big EU states mineral oil survey” – as if they were really interested in the people’s opinion. Addresses with date of birdth and especially “Kaffeefahrten” as trip prize, that is what counts for these dubious crooks, and they are doing that with letterbox companies (this time Gewinnzentrale, Postfach 1129, 49430 Neuenkirchen) for quite some time, unfortunately… :evil:

(Update:) The AK Tirol had also warned and has been confirmed.

Unfortunately, also this time there will be enough unsuspecting naïves participating to be financially worthwhile for the organizers…

31 Dec 07: Now they’re trying that with an “energy survey”…

16:9 TV is popular

The result of my previous poll “ZDF (or TV in general) in 16:9” here in my blog (right column): 78% like the 16:9 format, 22% are not sure, and nobody dislikes it.

And with the huge number of 9 participants, this poll certainly is highly representative!

So right on to the new, this time religious poll – let’s see how long atheists hold the absolute majority…

1.7777… > 1.3333…

So the ZDF is broadcasting (almost) everything in 16:9 since today – I like it :)

They just shouldn’t – even in the news – stretch old 4:3 archive footage to full width as they seemed to have done with African pictures in the main “heute” (=“today”) news show.

On the right hand side (belowabove the Search field), there‘s was a little poll.