Things with Numbers

And another Pabuca topic…

That’s the other end of last week’s train. More specifically, it’s RE 4026 on railway route 900 on 18 Jan 20151 with the engine no. 101 050-3 currently advertising 50 years “jugend forscht” (youth research). Scheduled from Munich at 14:01, arrival in Nuremberg at 15:48 with 7 stops in between. Enough numbers? :)


I suppose when these containers are standing on the recycling yard and not somewhere in residential areas, the numbers – only use on workdays between 7.00 and 19.00 – aren’t meant that strict because the yard opens on some days until 20.00…


For whatever reason someone stuck this (girl?) shoe on the railing, shoes always have a number connected to them: their size.


  1. ca. 14:28, even though the EXIF data claims differently… []


Current Pabuca topic…

For centuries the water has been flowing monotonously over the Arlmühle – on the other hand, this breaks the monotony of the straight flowing water. And when the area will be remodeled soon for our “Small State Garden Show” in 2017, that will be quite un-monotonous…


Monotonous railway line, always the same trains, often the same people – but train rides can also be diversified, and that’s not just due to varying delays and technical defects…


And what may these pigeons do against their monotony…?



After a short break, another post for the Pabuca project, today “inside”.

No matter what the local air sports club currently has inside their club house/workshop, when they are sitting inside their planes, they are quite far outside:

Segelfliegerhaus IMG_6149 copy

Those who had to spend their time inside this old tower could only dream of freedom:

Hungerturm IMG_6151 copy

And finally, this says “Your dream car. (Individual furnishings available inside.)”

Traumwagen IMG_6150 copy