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Links of the Week (2007/51)

Short and sweet:

Quotes of the Day (8)

The bishop of Eichstätt Gregor Maria Hanke to the Donaukurier (my translation):

For all christians, the encyclical “Spe salvi” could be an incentive now to live paschal hope and make clear “that even in times of uncertainty, we have a future given to us by God.”

I think it would be better if we didn’t hope for a godly present for our future, but instead tackle the problems here on earth ourselves – not just for oneself, but for other people and for future generations.

Which leads us to the second quote:

“If you believe you’re going to be resurrected after you die, which I think is a fairy tale, this is ultimately a dissatisfying way to promote life, and I don’t think that it’s going to get us anywhere as a culture.”

Natalie Angier, Pulitzer prize winning science writer for The New York Times, in a debate “God vs. Science” (via Pharyngula)

Poll of faith ended – Question of time

My previous little poll (on the right hand side in the sidebar) is now closed after the most important number of 42 participantsTeilnehmern – and among those of my visitors who spotted it and felt like participating, the atheists and agnostics (to combine them roughly) hold a slight majority:

Result of the poll "Do you believe in God?"

From now on, the new poll is online, appropriate for what will be done at the end of this month (yes, this month, some got it wrong at the end of September – don’t worry, I won’t tell any names :pfeif: ):

Do you like the daylight saving time clock change between summer and winter time? Or rather do away with it? But then, what time to keep – rather earlier bright and earlier dark, or later and longer bright?

So turn to the right (just in this browser window, what else did you think? :mrgreen: ) and vote…! :aufgehts:

Who is without sin…

…should reach 0 € with the “Sin Calculator” (German only) and may cast the first stone:

stone-throwing smilies

Or (s)he’s, like me, an atheist – thank God¹ – and doesn’t care about the (of course not quite seriously) calculated sum like e.g. my 707,44 €. But I won’t be able to keep up with Conny, where I found this, anyway. :mrgreen:

¹ from a quote from Bernardo Bertolucci (according to today’s Donaukurier), Luis Buñuel (according to Wikiquote) or whoever else

Evolutionary Regression

That’s exactly what must be happening with creationists – because the obvious refusal to use the mind, the brain, and instead utter such bullshit (pardon, had to be said) as can be seen e.g. on GodTube.com (the apparently fast growing YouTube copy for Christians christian fundamentalists) cannot be an advantage for mankind.

Example: Evolution woud say that all inanimate things become life, including mousetraps becoming mice (near the end of this clip about woodpeckers).


As Ernest Hemingway said:

“All thinking men are atheists.”

Max from „Wissen belastet“, where I found this, mentions (in German) some more questionable examples and contents of GodTube.com, e.g. a little girl who “may” memorize a Psalm, of course with many comments on GodTube appreciating this.

A quote from Phil Plait from BadAstronomy.com:

“When you see that spark, that glow, that moment when a child understands what they are seeing [through a telescope], or even just the potential in their faces as they chew over the nature of reality, of the Universe… the joy that fills your heart is impossible to describe. It’s wondrous.
Creationism and fundamentalist dogma destroy that potential. It’s wrong, and it’s evil.
It’s brainwashing.”