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Not the blog, but myself – in two stages in the next two weeks, mostly due to lack of space. So it will be even more quiet in this blog for a while.

packing cases

(And I’m using the opportunity for another photo for Projekt 52, specifically “DIY”, one of June’s topics. Though I don’t think the penguin will be much help filling all these boxes…)

Bromelia blossom

Canon 40D with Tamron 28-300, focal length 300mm, aperture 6.3, exposure 1/2s, ISO 100, manually focused and of course with tripod.

See Flickr for this and two other versions with aperture 13 and 20 in full size: set, slideshow

The photos were made yesterday – today there’s a second set of stamen and stigma in the red bract in front of the first one; I’ll keep an eye on this bromelia. By the way, the long stigma is about 4 mm longer than the yellow stamens.

Here’s a detail 1:1 crop from the F13 version: