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A “child” grows up

Guzmania 1 “Child”, in this case, referring to the new plants arising next to the mother plant in vegetative reproduction. Like at my guzmania a couple years ago, see image on the right. But instead of separating the children and plant them into little pots of their own (and put up with these 5 pots), I rather kept them together in their big pot.

In the mean time, the mother plant died, of course, as did one child; and now, one of the children (the one with the best lighting conditions) is bright red and preparing to blossom:

Guzmania 2

Update 7 July: » Go to a new photo

Red leaves, green leaves, 50mm and a gardener

And there’s a “1.4” to go with the “50mm”, since this is about my new lens, the Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM.

First test object, especially to compare the depths of focus, was my greening Christmas star (poinsettia), the longevity of which I wrote about here in late February, here first with maximum aperture of 1.4:

red-green f1.4

A greening poinsettia in May…

Photographed with aperture 1.4

And with aperture 8:

red-green f8

A greening poinsettia in May…

Photographed with aperture 8

If you’re interested: On this gallery page I’ve got seven more aperture steps.

Projekt 52 week 13: Show me your feet

The topic of week 13 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

Show me your feet
I love feet photos, I think they are ingenious, showing the world from a completely different point of view. […] – examples.

Well, such feet photos that have been showing up on other blogs from time to time never did anything for me. But for the sake of completeness – not to skip a week of this project ;) – there you are:

13: Show me your feet

Week 13: Show me your feet

My feet in warm socks.