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A baton for the Chrismas tree

A German blog baton…

  • 3 (material) wishes for Christmas
    – an MP3 player (not from Apple ;) )
    – a big, good digital camera
    – a few energy-saving lamps
  • 3 people I would like to celebrate Christmas with
    I’m highlighting the “would” like others before:
    – Freddie Mercury †
    – my grandparents on my mother’s side †† (but better not at the same time as Freddie)
  • 3 people that will receive a present from me
    – my parents (who already know)
    – I won’t name more since they read here, too…
  • 3 people that should catch this baton
    Any non-German-speaker who wants to pick up this translation of mine?

No, I didn’t do it

…because this is just a baton from Julia (German) where you put together parts of sentences. Result was:

I brawled with a statue for money, and my mother had ordered it.

And that’s the sources:

1) Pick the month of your birthday…
2) Then the day of your birthday…
3) And then the first letter of your name…
4) Then enter the sentence in the Shoutbox!!! (originates from Myspace)

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Reversed Baton

Or to phrase it differently: A questionnaire baton that gives the answers and you have to think about the questions, found in the Stöckchen-Blog (German, translated by me):

“Please question the following answers.”

Well, then, let’s start:

  • When was the first time you were driving a car yourself?
    1.) When I was one and a half years old. My parents were thrilled.
  • What things would you only do when naked?
    2.) Blog, drive bumper cars, hand out flyers in a pedestrian zone, grow beans on the balcony, tinker chestnut men, play polo, paint christmas pictures on chicken eggs, meet friends.
  • Where will you be awarded your next medal?
    3.) In Beijing.
  • You’re a lousy marksman, aren’t you?
    4.) Yes. When I last had a rifle in my hands, I had almost killed the man from the fairground.
  • How often do you stand up from your armchair/sofa?
    5.) About three or four times a year. Can’t do it more often, it’s too wearisome.
  • When did you last take a shower?
    6.) That’s been an eterníty ago. Ten or eleven years, I think.
  • What would you like to give to your local innkeeper?
    7.) The Nobel Prize in Economics.
  • Whose haircut do you like least?
    8.) Erm, I have to think a little longer here. Boris Becker maybe? Mahatma Gandhi? Ah, no, now I got it: Ursula von der Leyen.
  • When did you last have to read your electricity meter?
    9.) In October 2006.
  • To whom do you pass this baton on now?
    10.) Come on, I wouldn’t answer this question even to my best friend. Much less a complete stranger.

I repeat: The answers were given, the questions are mine. So if you want to take the baton, find your own questions.

I admit, only one of my questions truthfully matches the answer. :bigsmile:

Into Battle!

Dionysus Konna throws his questionnaire stick right into battle to me:

Which God or Goddess are you?

Your Result: Ares Greek God of War

You laugh in the face of War. You revel in conflict and power. You are manipulative, seductive, and a strategist. Your carnal heart enjoys a good battle.

Zeus Greek King of the Gods
Dionsyus Greek God of Wine
Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love
Artemis Greek Goddess of the Hunt
Hades Greek God of the Underworld
Which God or Goddess are you?
Quizzes for MySpace

I’ll shoot this question stick on to the diva JuliaL49 and into the technology Olympus to aptgetOliver (both German; if you don’t want it, duck!), and to anyone else who feels battle-ready enough to take it.

Serial Questions

A questionnaire circulating among German blogs:


  • Are you regularly watching TV series?
    Yes. Currently on TV mostly Bones, Stargate (just ended), Prison Break, NCIS (forgot that one), Ghost Whisperer, Veronica Mars, Simpsons; and with less attention (e.g. while surfing/reading blogs) the CSIs and the older Simpsons episodes.
  • What constitutes a good TV series for you?
    It should have good characters and be exciting (or funny), and a continuous story arc can help a lot if it’s good (Prime example: Babylon 5).
  • Is there a series that you’d leave everything else for as it is?
    Thanks to hard disk recorders/receivers that allow convenient time-shift viewing, that didn’t happen for years. ;)
  • And which series is a no-go?
    All that telenovela and daily soap stuff will not pass my liquid crystals.
  • Do you buy series on DVD?
    Yes – especially those that you don’t get (properly) on German TV and/or I’d prefer in English and which are most important to me:
    24 (you just have to watch multiple episodes in a row – Season 6 is on its way), Supernatural (Season 2 has just arrived), Babylon 5, Hex, and especially Buffy & Angel.