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Phew, got away without injuries!

One is tempted to call such rigid, fully sealed plastic packaging which several manufacturers are using almost criminal – could that be attempted bodily injury? ;) –, packaging of 0.55mm strong plastic that even large household scissors can hardly open:

Harmony packaging

Can’t protection against theft (by taking devices out of the packaging) in the stores be made easier and more customer-friendly?


E=2, e=9

Asus Eee PC As Golem reports (German), the nice little, albeit certainly not high-performance Asus Eee PC will be offered in Germany, too, starting next month – for 299 € (model “4G”, white and black).

The display is a little small, just 7 inch with 800×480 pixels, as is the battery running time of 3 to 3½ hours, but otherwise this may be a quite useful surf gadget, being just about the size of a C5 envelope (22,5×16,5×3,5cm) and 920g heavy/light.

Linux is preinstalled, but Windows XP drivers are apparently also available. Whether XP will run satisfactorily on the slow processor, 512MB memory and only 4 GB flash hard drive, remains to be seen.

Also it’s of course questionable if it’s wise to buy the first product of this (intended) series right away… but it’s tempting…

Update: A video review by Channel Flip / Unwired on YouTube.

(Photo from eeepc.asus.com)

Music Robot

Okay, it’s apparently available for about a year, but I just read about it in the new issue of the Bild der Wissenschaft¹, and it was new to me: miuro, the iPod dock and WLAN client that can dance and follow his master!

Official site: miuro.com (Japanese)

Without further investigation: I suppose the name results from “music robot”, or rather the re-transfer of its pronunciation from Japanese to Latin letters.


Oh, and I should mention a little disadvantage: the price of about 1000 € (e.g. at arktis.de)…

¹ Strangely, they spell it “Miouru” – did they get that from a French source?


…or what else is the result if – as reported e.g. on on Spiegel Online (German), but that’s apparently not an isolated case – you have a flat rate for your iPhone and receive an 80-page printed bill in which every single call, every single SMS and every single data transfer are listed, even though they are included in the flat rate and thus billed with $0.00?


And that with all the environmental-frendliness that Apple and AT&T like to emphasize…