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Search queries – LHC edition


Welcome to the latest edition of replying to search queries – a special edition about yesterday’s launch of the LHC.

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

LHC function
Check the Wikipedia link above or the link tips at the end, you should find enough information and further links there.

lhc conspiracy theories
Don’t need them, there’s already much nonsense published and searched without them, see the next queries…

lhc end of the world
No. No matter how hard you might wish for it. On the other hand, given these hundreds of comments that piled up at the Astrodicticum Simplex (German) – the large number only caused by unnecessarily scared people, scared by the panic mongers among the media, who’d rather post the same questions over and over again and mostly refuse to read the article itself and/or think a little for themselves – that idea might actually be not that bad at all. ;)

Nostradamus particle accelerator
Get real, Nostradamus, living in the 16th century, couldn’t know what that is. A lot of things can be (and unfortunately is being) interpreted into his gibberish, of course, but, first off, it’s sensible to assume such predictions of the future are impossible anyway – until it can be proven otherwise, but that never worked yet –, and secndly, such interpretations surprisingly only fit well in hindsight…

LHC what energies
Alright, a serious question in between: Each colliding proton has an energy of 7⋅1012 eV (7 TeV), which means the total collision energy is 14 TeV – compared to the 1020 eV during collisions of natural cosmic rays just a little fart. Written out:

         14,000,000,000,000 LHC
100,000,000,000,000,000,000 nature

However, these are just 2.24⋅10–6 Joule (2.24 µJ) in the LHC. Clapping your hands probably releases more energy, just not in such a small space. (The energy needed to power the entire LHC is of course much higher – about 120 MW, estimated 800,000 MWh for 2009 –, since the colliding hadrons have to be accelerated and kept on their circular path in extremely cooled tubes, and this cooling costs a lot too.)

So why all that fear if the LHC experiments are just a weak and small copy – just under controlled conditions with collisions at known places with huge detectors built around them – of what is happening for billions of years everywhere in space, including that li’l solar system of ours?

lhc jesus christ
No, he certainly said nothing about the LHC, he even lived way before Nostradamus. But he’d probably say something like this:
(1) If someone collides one of your hadrons, throw to him the other also. (2) Those however who take great pains replying to all of your questions, honor them by actually reading what they are writing (3) and have written before, (4) for the irrational insistence on your preconceived opiníon long after its falsification is (5) not worthy of human intelligence.

anthroposophy lhc
The combinations these people come up with :roll: – this religious-occult mysticism system really got no place here. Or do you want to take a few Higgs particles – probably no scientists will like the lurid, absurd designation “god particle” – and mix them into the anthroposopers’ homeopathic “medicine”?

Hmm… now how would that be if all this anthroposophy stuff including the advert for a medicine against cold that can currently be found on the schedule booklet of some(?) trains of the Deutsche Bahn1 disappeared in a black hole?

Now that would be something, an “intelligent” black hole that only swallowed that nonsense produced by those panic-mongering, conspiracy-theorizing, mystic dumbers of the masses!

(Yeah, just dreaming…)

Link tip:

LHC photy by poluz (flickr)

  1. found in EC 194 and 195 []

If you shake your head, do you lose brain cells?

shaking head Another special edition of “replying” to search requests, this time again about mysticism (and thus a little different from the usual)…

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

if you shake your head do you lose brain cells
I think the connection is a different one: If you got to shake your head due to the insanity of some people, e.g. those who consider lawn sprinkler rainbows a government conspiracy with water additives, see the LHC as a world conspiracy to lure satanic Nephilim from the planet Nibiru (German with English video), and many more – then certainly the loss of brain cells is involved.

why are we made believe there are no aliens
Asking this way usually shows that the asking persons tend to believe anything that conspiracy theorists come up with without thinking for themselves – for instance, about the very low possibility of alien visits1 due to the large distance and especially just at this point in time, why such a big event should be held secret at all, how this should work in an excessive bureaucracy with numerous government employees, etc.

what specifications to do black magic to need a girl
I need no black nor white magic to need a girl. :mrgreen: Or what do you want – make some gay man love women? But specifications are rather found in datasheets and the like, what does that have to do with magic? Express yourself clearly, man!

Oh, I forget – belief in magic and clear thinking don’t match.

pray away curses with money
That used to be called selling of indulgences; nowadays, there are also several fraudsters who e.g. tell people on the street about cursed relatives or offer stuff like that elsewhere.

pray away with the moon
Now that’s those mystics who combine dubious religiousness with dubious mysticism to achieve the strongest effects. Effects meaning impressing gullible customers and money on their own accounts, that is.

moon calendar permanent wave
Can you still read the calendar properly if its bent in waves?

nostradamus particle accelerator
That’s where his scribblings and especially the stuff that modern fortune-telling crackpots and scaremongers want to interpret into it2 should be put and collided – then they’d have an actual use!

do dragons die if we don’t believe in them anymore?
Does intelligence die if you can’t really believe in it anymore, looking at all these search queries? Hmm, that’s somehow to be feared…

in the show evidence dowsing
In which show? Oh those inexact search terms… Well, never mind, putting “dowsing” and “evidence” in one sentence is only feasible if you say e.g.: “Dowsing is the evidence for the existance of irrational mysticism dreamers.”

lotto through will
Well, without the will to play lotto, you won’t have a chance to win. Or as the advertising already put it: “You can only win if you play!”

numerology what do we have to learn
That numerology is just crap and anyone can arbitrarily fabricate any correlation between letters, numbers and meanings and that this doesn’t get better if you’re uninspiredly taking antique “formulae” instead of taking the effort to come up with some of your own.

Phew, that’s enough for now. In the end, let’s just undress for the healer and let the healer dominatrix know, then we’ll make our astrology porn!

Photo © Jenny Solomon – Fotolia.com

  1. the way the question is formulated, I actually assume that it’s about aliens on earth []
  2. works better to do so in hindsight… []

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