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Wiesn without Meadow

At the biggest volksfest of the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich (official site), not much can be seen of the meadow (German: “Wiese”) of the Theresienwiese, only wide asphaltic paths – which is good, since no-one would like to walk in the mud when it’s raining – and in the areas in between (or rather, only those on the edge), the grass is covered, of course, it’s only peeking out in a few spaces (and, well, some weed is being smoked, I assume).

With great late summer weather :eis: with 26°C (79°F) – it will be over 10°C (18°F) less tomorrow – there were again a lot of people there; of course not as much as on the weekend with 1 million visitors, 500,000 liters of beer and 11 oxen, but it’s said to have been 100,000 this afternoon. Didn’t count them myself, though, and I don’t know how many ghosts have been beaten up today


I also found a Maßkrug (stein) for 5.50 € – unfortunately, it was empty and only 6 cm high, and not in a marquee but at a souvenir shop. :grin:

Oans, zwoa…

In a few days, the “Volksfest” (public festival like the Oktoberfest, just much smaller) will start here in Pfaffenhofen — and the lokal savings bank uses that for advertising its “Wiesnpackage” (festival vouchers when buying certain investment products from them).

Quiz: What’s wrong here? Probably even some of my international visitors will know that…

Oans, zwoa, drei... - Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen

(Apart from the fact that “Wiesn” is quite a euphemism for Pfaffenhofen’s festival ground…)