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Links and Video of the Week (2008/38)

Starting with three LHC links:

And the video How To Read People’s Minds (via Bad Astronomy).

  1. “Teilchen” is not only the German word for “particle”, but also a name for pastries []

The search word poem

:hammer: Appropriately(?) for the 555th post on this blog, here’s a “poem” consisting of the words that were most frequently used in search requests leading people here in the past 16 days, sorted strictly in descending order by their frequency of occurence – I only added line breaks and punctuation marks:

You I to the—
And me
My, your a see!
In it for love
Want song, so
About baby, know
That what lotto be do

Make all can on
I’m is no come
Don’t hello ohne heart
Just like but got
If up never been
Dont take without one time
Say with i’ve Höschen

When we tell im long
Get have—
Will now give this
Girls break,
Are searching truth.
Most way go quotes
Difference gonna, honey,
Falling more

Youtube common
Tags genibus its feel…
Down roof,
Cup out nitito.
Wanna let
Good life!

A little plea to the ball

woman with red soccer ball

You tough sweetie pie you!
Ball, my serious quest.
When jesting in lonely night!
Kick – yes live it!
By Babylon’s towers!
Footballer you.
Absurd in all worlds.
Ball between distress and swearing.
Footballer oh so deflowered.


Yes, I had no better idea for a post today, so another poem created with the German poem generator Poetron, and I even translated it! (Really quite verbatim, actually.) And I hope you like the photo (by Lev Dolgatshjov – Fotolia.com).