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Links of the Week (2008/24)

  • Crazy stuff during the football Euro 2008 (German): Some use homeopathy and tarot cards :roll:
  • Sapere aude (German) proves the statement “You owe me 100 Euro” the way some folks want to prove the existence of god. :)
  • The Surrealist Compliment Generator (via Nerdcore) – e.g. „Fast blinking reveals the true visage of time pieces hidden within your eyes“ or „Your tears evoke a taste as memorable as honey.“

Rubbing ideas for me

Ideas rub you properly
Properly and sportive
Well, ideas
Ideas for me
You rub not the misery
But the snake rubs you
You ideas, you sportive ones
Ideas for me, ideas mighty and beautiful



Since I couldn’t come up with something better, I just used the German poem generator Poetron (homepage), which I had just discovered, entered the German equivalents to “me”, “idea” and “uninspired” (which wasn’t used), and the very first (honestly!), erm, poem it gave me was what I then translated pretty much verbatim above…