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The ultimate violence movie for Easter!

Before we get down to business, a quick poll about “brutal TV” – the “Die hard” series, “King Kong” etc. on private TV stations – at easter, about which politicians and bishops feel like having to medde with again, because “the private media are not considerate of the religious feelings of the majority of our citizens” (translated quote from Günther Oettinger (CDU), minister-president) – it’s new to me that there’s an obligation to tune in to these channels, as it’s new that someone like Oettinger knows so well about the citizens’ feelings…:

Action movies at Easter

  • I'm NOT Christian and I DON'T CARE about these movies at Easter (44%, 7 Votes)
  • I'm NOT Christian and I LIKE these movies at Easter (38%, 6 Votes)
  • I'm Christian and I DON'T CARE about these movies at Easter (13%, 2 Votes)
  • I'm NOT Christian and I DISLIKE these movies at Easter (6%, 1 Votes)
  • I'm Christian and I LIKE these movies at Easter (0%, 0 Votes)
  • I'm Christian and I DISLIKE these movies at Easter (0%, 0 Votes)

Votes total: 16

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And here’s the movie, found at Scary Alice:

Poll “Games” results

My little poll about “Do you play computer/console games – and on what system?” here in the sidebar on the right has been closed – there were 47 participants, three of which chose multiple options, resulting in 51 total votes. This is the result:

poll result Games

For the time being, there will be no new poll, I didn’t have a viable idea, and the sidebar is a little less cluttered this way, too…

Your Opinion is Important: Are energy costs too high?

Translation will follow “next year” ;)

Energieumfrage-Kaffeefahrt Eigentlich hätte der “Gute Rutsch” mein letzter Beitrag vor dem Neujahrs-Countdown sein sollen, aber der Verbraucherschützer in mir musste nochmal zu Wort kommen, denn vorhin hab ich diese Gaunerei in Form einer vermeintlichen “Energie-Umfrage” im Briefkasten gefunden:

“Strom wird teuer, senken Sie mit uns Ihre Energiekosten!

Ihre Meinung ist wichtig! Sind die Energiepreise zu hoch?
Ja / Nein”

Und die Adresse ist diesmal:

Postfach 1329
49380 Lohne

Ich fress ’nen Besen samt Raumpflegefachkraft, wenn das nicht nicht dieselbe Masche mit Adressensammeln und Kaffeefahrten ist wie im Juli (und anderswo zu anderen Zeiten) mit der „EU-Staaten Mineralöl-Umfrage“, wo auch ein paar Erfahrungsberichte in den Kommentaren zu finden sind.

Andere Varianten von “Energieumfragen” wurden übrigens auch hier im Antispam-Forum genannt.

:arrow: Also: Nicht mitmachen!
(Wenn ihr nicht verzweifelt auf Werbung und Kaffeefahrtteilnahmemöglichkeiten wartet…)

Polls: Advent wreath and games

The previous poll here on the sidebar (on the right) is closed, it was about “do you have an advent wreath?”; here’s the result of the 22 votes:

Result of advent wreath poll

The new poll is: Are you playing PC or console games – and if so, on which systems? (Didn’t have any better idea…)

You may select multiple options. And also casual gamers may vote, not just “pros”. It should be more than just Solitaire, Minesweeper & Co., though. :mrgreen:

Poll: Men in Thongs

Since there are several visitors interested in men’s thongs/strings or string/thong men showing up here but finding only my Lego joke, I thought I’ll do a serious poll about this topic:

Guys: Do you wear thongs? / Girls: Does your boyfriend/husband wear thongs?

View Results

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double thong The “Yes” answers are not intended to imply you’re wearing exclusively strings/thongs, occasional thong wearers may (and should) also reply with “yes”.

And for quibblers similar to myself: The answers are verbalized from the men’s point of view; women who want to answer please imagine them re-worded accordingly, referring to your boyfriend/husband…

Privacy notice: If you have commented on this blog before and don’t want me (and only me, this is never public) to see what you voted, you must delete your respective cookies or use a different browser. :)

(Photo by m197203 on flickr.com – CC license by-nc-nd)