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Clock changes are unpopular / Advent’s Advent

The result of my last poll here in the sidebar on the right about the clock changes for daylight saving time: a vast majority of 83% (of 24 participants) want to do away with the changes and keep summer time, so that it’s longer bright in the evening. In detail:

poll about daylight saving time

The next poll is already ready: Do you have an Advent wreath (or will you have one starting first Advent)?

Charging status indication

In your opinion – just intuitively, ignoring any possible experiences with similar devices of the same manufacturer – what do these (non-blinking) lights mean on a battery razor (while it’s connected to the power supply)?

battery razor

Charging status indication means:

  • currently charging (60%, 9 Votes)
  • completely charged (40%, 6 Votes)

Votes total: 15

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– See the comments for more –

And while were talking about questions, let me remind you of my Music Quiz #2. :)

Poll of faith ended – Question of time

My previous little poll (on the right hand side in the sidebar) is now closed after the most important number of 42 participantsTeilnehmern – and among those of my visitors who spotted it and felt like participating, the atheists and agnostics (to combine them roughly) hold a slight majority:

Result of the poll "Do you believe in God?"

From now on, the new poll is online, appropriate for what will be done at the end of this month (yes, this month, some got it wrong at the end of September – don’t worry, I won’t tell any names :pfeif: ):

Do you like the daylight saving time clock change between summer and winter time? Or rather do away with it? But then, what time to keep – rather earlier bright and earlier dark, or later and longer bright?

So turn to the right (just in this browser window, what else did you think? :mrgreen: ) and vote…! :aufgehts:

Your Opinion is Important!

Scan of the bulk mailNo, I’m not referring to the oh so important polls in this blog, ;) but to a bulk mail I got today, “The big EU states mineral oil survey” – as if they were really interested in the people’s opinion. Addresses with date of birdth and especially “Kaffeefahrten” as trip prize, that is what counts for these dubious crooks, and they are doing that with letterbox companies (this time Gewinnzentrale, Postfach 1129, 49430 Neuenkirchen) for quite some time, unfortunately… :evil:

(Update:) The AK Tirol had also warned and has been confirmed.

Unfortunately, also this time there will be enough unsuspecting naïves participating to be financially worthwhile for the organizers…

31 Dec 07: Now they’re trying that with an “energy survey”…

16:9 TV is popular

The result of my previous poll “ZDF (or TV in general) in 16:9” here in my blog (right column): 78% like the 16:9 format, 22% are not sure, and nobody dislikes it.

And with the huge number of 9 participants, this poll certainly is highly representative!

So right on to the new, this time religious poll – let’s see how long atheists hold the absolute majority…