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Sir Yes Sir!

Look for !!! Hairdresser, Master

Translation: Look for !!! Hairdresser, Master

Sir Yes Sir !!! I’m looking !!!

Hopefully you’d already find some of them inside the hairdresser’s shop where this sign is posted…


Poll: Men in Thongs

Since there are several visitors interested in men’s thongs/strings or string/thong men showing up here but finding only my Lego joke, I thought I’ll do a serious poll about this topic:

Guys: Do you wear thongs? / Girls: Does your boyfriend/husband wear thongs?

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double thong The “Yes” answers are not intended to imply you’re wearing exclusively strings/thongs, occasional thong wearers may (and should) also reply with “yes”.

And for quibblers similar to myself: The answers are verbalized from the men’s point of view; women who want to answer please imagine them re-worded accordingly, referring to your boyfriend/husband…

Privacy notice: If you have commented on this blog before and don’t want me (and only me, this is never public) to see what you voted, you must delete your respective cookies or use a different browser. :)

(Photo by m197203 on flickr.com – CC license by-nc-nd)


I don’t mind if some products in the world of fashion get an English name in Germany – Hot Pants and T-Shirt, for instance, are common for a long time, and I can also accept, say, Gym Shorts and Long Sleeve Shirt (regular fit).

But you can carry it too far, even for an English sounding designer brand of a German designer:

2 TOWELS - 100% Baumwolle 2 PAIRS OF SNEAKER SOCKS - 2 Farben im Set

Seen in the preview for next week at Tchibo: “Spa and Sportswear 2007” with only English product names (no longer available).