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Music Quiz 2

Update: I hope that the low number of participants in this music quiz so far was only caused by it being buried under an above-average amount of other posts – which is why I’m fetching it to the top again… :)

The next edition of my little music quiz series – without further ado:

Why did Queen (or their record company) have to buy 65 bicycle seats in the year 1978?

This question was also given two years ago at Genial daneben, a TV show where comedians try to answer funny/strange/curious questions – and in that sense, I’m asking those of you who already know the answer (*) to wait a little and let the others post their (hopefully numerous and funny) guesses. :)

Let the quiz begin – without search engines and encyclopedias, they don’t have them at Genial daneben either…

The answer: Congratulations to JuliaL49 (cf. comments)! :clap:

The “Bicycle Race” video (from the “Jazz” album) featured 65 naked women riding around a race track on bikes hired from British cycle shop chain Halfords. When returned, Queen was ordered to pay for all the seats as Halfords wouldn’t accept them knowing what they had been used for. The album also included a poster of these women.

See also the Wikipedia article, including a small scan of the poster.

(*) You can send the correct answer to me by mail if you want, so that it’s clear who knew it first – if that’s important to you.

Montreux Photos

I’ve just uploaded my 51 photos from the 4th Freddie Mercury Montreux Memorial Day (official site), so head over to the gallery!

(Click on the thumbnails for a view in a width of 520 pixels with comments and previous/next buttons; click that image for full 1600×1200 resolution.)

Photos from 2004 are also available.

(Edit June 27, 2007: The galleries now use the myGallery plugin (better integrated into the blog structure), and no longer the old, rather separate software.)