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65, 40, 20

ફારોખ બલ્સારા, i.e. Farrokh Bulsara, i.e. Freddie Mercury, would have turned 65 today…

Also, he died (nearly) 20 years ago, and it’s Queen’s official 40th anniversary this year. Hence here’s a song from 1971: Liar – in the De Lane Lea Studios demo version from December, which is also available as remastered bonus on the (yet again) re-released albums this year (but since YouTube only has a somewhat inferior older version, I have to use Grooveshark here):

(Hier war etwas als Flash-Objekt eingebunden. Nicht mehr zeitgemäß.)


And since it’d look a bit too dry here without a video, here’s a fan video1 for Mother Love – the song that includes Freddies last ever vocal performance:



Also, Google got a great doodle today: an animated video for a shortened version of Don’t Stop Me Now.

  1. because apparently there’s just one of these, erm, arty but silly “The Films” videos without Queen in them as official video… []