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Links and Videos of the Week (2010/37)

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64 = 26

Today is Freddie Mercury’s 64th birthday – since 64 = 26, here’s the 6th song, “Ogre Battle”, from the 2nd Queen album, “Queen II”, but in an alternative version:



Then we take the 64th song from the original studio albums (no bonus tracks, no singles B-sides, and hoping I counted correctly): “Who Needs You”1 from the “News Of The World” album:

Update: I miscounted after all, “Who Needs You” is song # 65. But since # 64 is sung by Brian, it’s a good choice anyway. :)

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You Don’t Fool Me

The Queen song of the day – hope nobody April-fools me today. :) “You Don’t Fool Me” from the posthumous album Made In Heaven – and one of the few songs actually written after the predecessor Innuendo – is a rather unexcited dance song with guitar than a typical Queen song. Here’s the short-film video:

And being so danceable, they had numerous club/techno remixes made; some are somewhat partially acceptable, but others… :roll: – if you like that, here’s a small selection:

Late Mix
Dancing Divaz Club Mix
Freddy Bastone’s Club Dub
Freddy’s Revenge Dub
Queen For A Day Mix
Sexy Club Mix