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Music Quotes

This used to be a list of all music quotes, i.e. song lyrics excerpts, that used to be displayed below (almost) every post. Mostly because of the efforts to find new and unused quotes for new posts and because one day some copyright fetishist might complain, they have been removed quite some time ago.

Quote of the Day (2)

This is about Harry Potter, see “The Cross with Religion” on Spiegel Online (German):

“[Children] are quite able to tell the difference between right and wrong as well as between reality and illusion.”
Religion pedagogue and Protestant theologian Matthias Frohmann (my translation)

(And I agree with him there.)

The Churches see it (surprisingly?) rather relaxed, whereas fundamentalist “religiously motivated critics” rather see a “seduction into satanism, mockery of Christianity, playing down occultism.” Well, the former Cardinal Ratzinger is quoted to have written of “subtle seductions that have an imperceptible and especially for that reason deep effect and subvert Christian faith in the soul before it could even grow properly” in 2003 (my translation).

Well, they’re obviously afraid that the children (and adults) might use their mind also to critically and scientifically look into the “miracles” from biblical and later times and discover more about reality than fundamentalist and maybe “normal” Christians might like… :twisted:

Quote of the Day


“We must check what the state can do to protect the freedom of its citizens also in the future.”
(CDU secretary general Ronald Pofalla according to the ZDF to the “Bild” about minister of the interior Schäuble’s new anti-terror plans; my translation)

Yes, he wanted to support Schäuble with this statement – wouldn’t it be better, then, to find another minister of the interior who is appearing less, well, paranoid (if you want to agree to the Linkspartei (“left party”) at least here, they don’t say much useful stuff anyway) and freedom-hostile?

Thus the actual Quote of the day:

“I used to assume it’s the minister of the interior’s job to protect the constitutional state. Now you could come to the conclusion that the constitutional state would have to be protected from the miníster of the interior.”
(Sebastian Edathy (SPD), leader of the Bundestag’s interior committee; my translation)