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Quotes of the Day (8)

The bishop of Eichstätt Gregor Maria Hanke to the Donaukurier (my translation):

For all christians, the encyclical “Spe salvi” could be an incentive now to live paschal hope and make clear “that even in times of uncertainty, we have a future given to us by God.”

I think it would be better if we didn’t hope for a godly present for our future, but instead tackle the problems here on earth ourselves – not just for oneself, but for other people and for future generations.

Which leads us to the second quote:

“If you believe you’re going to be resurrected after you die, which I think is a fairy tale, this is ultimately a dissatisfying way to promote life, and I don’t think that it’s going to get us anywhere as a culture.”

Natalie Angier, Pulitzer prize winning science writer for The New York Times, in a debate “God vs. Science” (via Pharyngula)

Quote of the Day (7)

The taz quotes our dear minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, in front of journalists and judges in Karlsruhe (which is the location of the German Constitutional Court):

“Wir hatten den ‚größten Feldherrn aller Zeiten‘, den GröFaZ, und jetzt kommt die größte Verfassungsbeschwerde aller Zeiten.”

(My translation: “We had the ‘greatest commander of all times’, the GröFaZ, and now we get the greatest constitutional complaint of all times.”)

Assuming the quote is correct, we see again how much the constitution and its institutions mean to him…

For other (always) inappropriate Hitler comparisons and quotes, others have been made to leave talkshows and their offices. Wouldn’t be bad here, too, in my opinion.

(via StoiBär (German))

Quote of the Day (6)

Read on “Cruelty’s Blog” (German) which I found via Yigg.de:

“Layer-Ads is […] just a simple layer that moves into view with a little animation.
Thus, the user is not irritated and quickly finds the Close button, if he doesn’t wish the ad.”

(Emphasis and translation mine. And dear Cruelty, I don’t want to attack you personally, I just want to tell my opinion on such ads.)

Yigg screenshot of the blog Hmm… does anyone know anyone who doesn’t mind an ad thingy of about 750×500 pixels covering the page content? (Except those making money from it, of course…) Even if it disappears after viewing and closing once for all future (what I doubt; at least, it seems to work that way temporarily), that could alienate one visitor or another – and if even the Yigg screenshot consists almost completely of an 1&1 ad, one could think: ‘Oh, that blog with that ads, no, don’t need to go there.’

By the way, Layer-Ads.de says (my translation):

“Even visitors with pop-up blockers will see a layer.
The webmaster won’t lose a single compensated visitor.”

My Firefox–Proxomitron combination worked anyway, I had to dig up the unfiltered IE to get an impression of these ads. :mrgreen:

Quote of the Day (5)


“We argued enough, we should make it now.”
Interior minister Wolfgang Schäuble about an online search law (source: Handelsblatt/ap; my translation)

What?!? An argument, lots of controversy, no consent – so push it through quickly? What the hell came over him now? [BTW: Is the devil blogging now, too? :) ]

Hey, basically, I don’t mind if the computers of acute suspects are being searched – within the same scope, of course, that applies to wiretapping phones and similar actions now, i.e. on a case-by-case basis and verified and ordered by courts. Or else – in the extreme case – we’ll even have to look for a new anthem, because there may be not much left of “unity and justice and freedom,” which didn’t appear from nowhere, by the way.

Quote of the Day (4)

What the world needs is more nazis
Like it needs a hole in the head
Your future is not safe at all
’til this disease is dead

We gotta stop those fucking nazis

(Roger Taylor, “Nazis 1994”)