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Projekt 52/05: The color green

The next topic of Projekt 52.

05: The color green

Projekt 52 Topic 5: The color green

Green? With all that snow almost all over Germany? No, green is rather limited (outdoors at least), such as this unemployed trashcan holder on which the penguin sits. In such beautiful weather as yesterday, even he who prefers to sit at home with his scarf (see last week) could be convinced of a walk in the snow (in the warm jacket pocket)…

More sun, more snow

Sunny morning, snowfall in the afternoon – good that I didn’t wait…

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There were tracks…


IMG_9125_a IMG_9123_a

IMG_9196_a IMG_9045_a


IMG_9072_a IMG_9136 Loipe_a



IMG_9157_a IMG_9179_a


IMG_9164_a IMG_9167_a

…shadows and paths…

IMG_9193_a IMG_9206_a

IMG_9031_a IMG_9054_a

IMG_9093 Schatten_a IMG_9142_a


IMG_9116_a IMG_9159_a

…an obstacle from both sides…

IMG_9079_a IMG_9080_a

…close up…

IMG_9128_a IMG_9033 Boden_a

IMG_9077 Boden_a

IMG_9062_a IMG_9070_a

…and animals and icicles…

IMG_9100 Enten_a IMG_9104 Enten_a

IMG_9131 Eiszapfen an Zweig_a IMG_9018 Eiszapfen_a

…and that’s it – for the time being, because there was also one special little tree, but that will have to wait until another time…