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WordPress: Comment moderation per post

Not only since great judgments from Hamburg (German), some bloggers might think about having all comments moderated before displaying them – which, of course, means more work, and it would hinder discussion between your commenters.

One solution would be to have comments moderated only for posts that potentially attract problematic comments, which I had already though about for my first Global Scaling lotto prognosis article – so I had searched for a plugin or an option, but found none. Then I had checked the WordPress source code for places to add something, and at first hacked this functionality into wp-includes/comment.php – and now, I’ve turned that into a little plugin.

It’s not very comfortable yet – you have to enter the IDs of the affected posts manually directly into the plugin’s PHP file (what’s still more comfortable than editing the WordPress core files). When needed, I might add an options page for that…

» Go to the plugin page with more info and the download link

Little Stars

Again (after an earlier test phase with only few participants), I installed the plugin WP-PostRatings by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan, which allows you to rate my posts quickly with one to five stars.

You can see it left of each post in the index views, and below the post in single views. I’d appreciate it if you use this function. :)

Yes, I did it

I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1 today (from 2.2.3; worked quite well; I had only forgotten to modify the size of wp_terms.name and had to repair some category names :wall: ) – and I added tags to all previous 150 posts. (The dull weather was ideal for that… and on Sundays, the traffic here is the lowest.)

Currently, there are 84 tags that now serve nicely as “mini categories” – finally including “Wuselbrusel” (a fantasy word for “nonsense, meaningless, boring, other…”

In the footer, there’s now the “mandatory” big tag cloud, and almost all buttons from the sidebar fell down there, too. I don’t like it 100% yet, but we’ll see… And below the single-post view, I’ll add I added links to “related posts” by tags some time soon.