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…or: The assembler code snippet of the week1

    add al,90h
    adc al,40h

Can anyone tell me without cheating what this code does? :bigsmile:

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  1. don’t worry, that won’t become a regular feature []

Links of the Week (2008/51)

WordPress: Comment moderation per post

Not only since great judgments from Hamburg (German), some bloggers might think about having all comments moderated before displaying them – which, of course, means more work, and it would hinder discussion between your commenters.

One solution would be to have comments moderated only for posts that potentially attract problematic comments, which I had already though about for my first Global Scaling lotto prognosis article – so I had searched for a plugin or an option, but found none. Then I had checked the WordPress source code for places to add something, and at first hacked this functionality into wp-includes/comment.php – and now, I’ve turned that into a little plugin.

It’s not very comfortable yet – you have to enter the IDs of the affected posts manually directly into the plugin’s PHP file (what’s still more comfortable than editing the WordPress core files). When needed, I might add an options page for that…

» Go to the plugin page with more info and the download link



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