Anghela’s friend Nadezhda

Dating scammers – remember Anghela and once (regrettably without photos) Galina – are, of course, not that rare. This new specimen now does send country-specific mails, but without a second automatic translation – which, on one hand, doesn’t make it that intrinsically funny, on the other hand saves me the effort of trying to translate wrong German into wrong English as I did with Anghela’s mails…

Nadezhda 1 Hello! How are you? I hope that all good for you and you will read my letter with a interest. — Of course I will, but I don’t think you mean the same kind of interest as me. See, I just want to make fun of mails like yours, and you’re a confidence trickster… At least, thank you for not writing such huge mails as Anghela or Galina – even though you, too, seem to know nothing about how to use line-breaks and paragraphs.

I the girl from Russia. — C’mon, there’s only one girl in Russia?? The others all found guys to date and marry in the west? Wow, good luck for me the last one found me and no-one else! :lol:My name is Nadezhda. I am from Saint-Petersburg. I have fair hair and blue eyes. — Don’t look that blue to me in the photos. But, well, guess you never know; people have been asking “what color do my eyes look in this picture?” before… Oh, was that you, maybe??

I’m cheerful woman who like to go for sports and do all what like are usual peoples. — No need to hem and haw, say it that you like to do “it”. And, well, I’d do unusual people, too.^^ Or do you mean “do” in the sense of swindle, ruin, defeat? Doesn’t seem that far-fetched… — I am ready for creation family — What “creation family”? There’s no “creation family” here, and since that sounds like creationism-ish crap, I don’t want that.

I got your e-mail through internet dating agency. I gave my letter to agency and they have told that my letter will be send to man in Germany!!!! — Yeah, sure. But hey, you even got the country right, supposedly from my mail address’s top-level domain. Bravo! Then why didn’t you auto-translate this mail to German? Anghela used to do that… you’re not actually aware of the funny, hard-to-understand language these tools produce, are you? 8O

Nadezhda 2Some time back I’m with my girlfriend were going to go in your country as tourists for search of men for serious relations. But my girlfriend could not go with me. She had problems with your family. — What?? She didn’t know me – hey, I never even met Anghela – and already got problems with my family? How’d she know them? — It will be great if you can meet me and we can to have relations with you. — Erm, meet you, Nadezhda, or you and your girlfriend? I mean, not that I’d mind “relations” with two women at the same time, but… d’you really know what you’re writing about?

I hope that you will answer to me back it is very fast. I send you my photo. I hope that you will love my photo. — Well, you sent two. Alright, they’re hardly your photos, but anyway… and oh, you really modified your text since you sent it to Canada, (other than changing the country, of course), where it read “I hope that you will love wash a photo.”. Aww, wish I’d reveived that howler…

Well then, can I hope for more mails from you, “”, since “nadezhda” means “hope”?


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PS: If you, dear reader, happen to own the rights of these photos that the scammers used: a brief e-mail is sufficient and I’ll remove them. Or do you know the actual source?

PPS: By sheer coincidence, this is actually the 419th post in my blog…

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