A p and then 5 letters

Don’t ask me nothin’ about nothin’ i just might tell you the truth! Welcome to the search requests of the first half of April that led visitors here. (Search requests are highlighted in grey; I didn’t make them shorter or longer or up, I just translated the German ones.)

Do you want it? do you need it? can you feel it? tell me!

Pictures without panties? — No, not this time. –- Pictures.with.out.panties! — I said no! — i dont wanna read nothin — Read nothing? Then leave; all others, enjoy!

faith one two three tell me that you— Pardon? (Ah, there it is: a p and then 5 letters!) — do you believe in magic and i hope you do, you’ll always have a friend wearing big read shoes. — Oh c’mon, magic??

Can black magic stop your right thinking? — It apparently did already, since you believe such crap!

how to do black magic in oder to get my girl friend free information? — Free information can be found on the net without black magic, too. ;) Alright, you rather wanted free info about finding your girl. Why not join the woman interested in “black magic get the man you want”. But don’t mix it up with “what black magic to do to cause hate between two people” or even “free kill your self by black magick”!

magical oil that if i use lift me up to be wealthy? god lift me up where we belong! — Oh stop it, will you? — they call me a dreamer, i’m not the only one — well, that’s certainly true…

Jesus light switch God give me the power of thing like light on and off — You mean a light switch like that on the left? Erm, not a good idea, I think.

As you know, there are more than enough religious orientations, e.g. religion is the smile on your face, some wonder if there is an answer in the sound of the train or “birds tapping on windows? good or bad” or are even interested in a cosmic influence on the sexes. :roll: In a sense, they found the perfect place here…

god on planets? believe there a life after died in other planets? — I don’t think that the bible says something about that. Not that this had any meaning for me, but there are many believers. — kaka believes in god. — The football player? So what, just let him. But enoug about this topic for today.

I believe — What did I just say?!? — i’ve thrown up. — Ah. Yuck, yes, that doesn’t have much to do with religion anymore. Were you the guy who wanted to be so thorough with his search: ‘two girls one cup original’ original?

Let’s turn to other topics, shall we?

has a year 50 or 52 weeks in mathematics?
the science of lottery prediction?
lotto numbers which are drawen the moest?
electrisity meter the funnction photos?

Aah, no, other topics, nothing to throw up!!

I only got five minutes to say the word — Now that must be a long word. Even for something like Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, you don’t need five minutes.

What can you say to turn on a guy? — Say? Visual or tactile stimulation are probably more effective. body body baby let me feel you, and we’ll make love together, cause i know if you’re in love with me tonight we’re raining! (Huh?) — You’ll only wear women’s underwear from now on! — What?? No! Stop!

Enough excuses and lies for this time, bye, I’ll go now, and i’ll take my cat, and we’ll go fishing in heaven!


  1. S

    Der Lichtschalter ist mal genial,so einen will ich auch. Gibt es den auch in verschiedenen Ausführungen ?

    Hätte gerne einen mit der Maria.

    Aber der ist auch ohne Maria klasse,nur die beiden Kinder und der Schalter das ist nun,ja, wenn man über ein paar Umwege denkt,doch ein bisschen Fragwürdig. :roll:

    Wenn das so ist,dann will ich den vielleicht doch eher nicht.

  2. jL

    Hach, dem Menschen mit den Wochen kann ich helfen: natürlich hat ein Jahr in der Mathematik 49 Wochen! (warum sonst wäre das meine Lieblingszahl!)

    Aber ansonsten wieder mal sehr erhellend, was die Menschen so umtreibt :hammer:

  3. c

    Sebastian, eben wegen dieser Fragwürdigkeit ist dieses Lichtschalter-Bild schon weit herumgekommen im Internet..

    Julia: Aha, wieder was gelernt. :P

  4. stimmt eig alLes .. :D

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