The perfect post

The Holy Trinity of the Three Sevens in the combination of mind and soul with the four elements brings you this divine perfect post, the sevenhundredandseventyseventh of my blog, for your complete enlightenment.


Know ye, it is written:

Divide the triple bad luck twice by the elemental bad luck, so that it shall dissolve itself and the divine perfect remain.1

Like the trinity and the four elements put together result in the Seven, the perfect 777 consists of four elemental trinities based on the double Three.2

Write this following Prayer in your best handwriting on handmade paper, frame it and hang it 7.77 centimeters above the floor, lie down in front of it at a distance of 7.77 inches and loudly speak the Prayer 777 times in 7.77 hours, so that you shall find complete enlightenment and no longer need candles nor lightbulbs, now and for evermore.

This is how ye shall pray:

Our number, who art in cosmos,
Hallowed be thy prime factors.
Thy factorization come.
Thy calculation be done,
In the computer as in our heads.
Give us this day our daily enlightenment.
And forgive us our miscalculations,
As we forgive those who calculate against us.
And lead us not into division by zero,
But deliver us from the 666.
For thine is the 3, and the 7, and the 37,
for ever and ever.

  1. (131313:13):13 = 777 []
  2. 777 10 = 3333 6 []


  1. jL

    Halleluja! Sowas hat mir zu diesem vollkommenen Sonntag noch gefehlt! Ich mach mich gleich auf die Suche nach einem Lineal, das exakt genug ist!

  2. c

    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg. Luja, sag i!

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