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Serial Questions

A questionnaire circulating among German blogs:


  • Are you regularly watching TV series?
    Yes. Currently on TV mostly Bones, Stargate (just ended), Prison Break, NCIS (forgot that one), Ghost Whisperer, Veronica Mars, Simpsons; and with less attention (e.g. while surfing/reading blogs) the CSIs and the older Simpsons episodes.
  • What constitutes a good TV series for you?
    It should have good characters and be exciting (or funny), and a continuous story arc can help a lot if it’s good (Prime example: Babylon 5).
  • Is there a series that you’d leave everything else for as it is?
    Thanks to hard disk recorders/receivers that allow convenient time-shift viewing, that didn’t happen for years. ;)
  • And which series is a no-go?
    All that telenovela and daily soap stuff will not pass my liquid crystals.
  • Do you buy series on DVD?
    Yes – especially those that you don’t get (properly) on German TV and/or I’d prefer in English and which are most important to me:
    24 (you just have to watch multiple episodes in a row – Season 6 is on its way), Supernatural (Season 2 has just arrived), Babylon 5, Hex, and especially Buffy & Angel.


The GEZ is worried about its image…

The German version of a “TV Licencing agency”, called GEZ, wants to stop using colloquial short names for the TV fees and other related things and force them to use long beaurocratic vocabulary – by legal means, because the colloquial names would only be used to “cause a bad image for the GEZ.”

I can’t really translate the whole thing, but it’s, in my opinion, rather causing the opposite…

16:9 TV is popular

The result of my previous poll “ZDF (or TV in general) in 16:9” here in my blog (right column): 78% like the 16:9 format, 22% are not sure, and nobody dislikes it.

And with the huge number of 9 participants, this poll certainly is highly representative!

So right on to the new, this time religious poll – let’s see how long atheists hold the absolute majority…