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102 Unsolicited Calls

Good that I’ve configured my FRITZ!Box 7170 and my ISDN phone with answering machine such that I don’t get disturbed by calls to my (published) main MSN that do not transmit their caller ID, which in virtually all cases are call centers and others who rather stay anonymous (my relatives with old analog connection are few, and they know a “secret” MSN) – they only hear an appropriate message, and except for some pseudo-raffle robots, only once someone said:

“Not bad, this answering machine.”


Using the FritzBox’s call list, I now created a little set of statistics:

In the previous 6 months (26 weeks), there were 102 such calls, that’s 3.9 per week, although fluctuating quite heavily between 0 and 12. Just one coincidentally hit the “secret” MSN, five (at regular distance on two days, so it was the same call center) on the third MSN where a fax is connected only occasionaly. Only once the “number” 049 was transmitted, once one from Cologne from a robot.

Here’s a breakdown by weekday, time of day, and calendar week:

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No Opening Band, Start 19:00

And what did start last night in Munich’s Olympic Stadium? SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTES OF MUSIC VIDEOS AND COMMERCIALS! :sad: Outrageous! :evil: (Volvo will rather have achieved the opposite effect with about a dozen commercials…)

If the organizer requires commercials to co-finance big concerts, then okay, show it at 20:00 and set 20:00 as starting time, and don’t annoy the paying waiting audience with numerous music videos. And all that in part in pouring rain. (Okay, that’s not the organizer’s fault.)

Alright, let’s get to the positive part that this post is rather about: the Genesis concert.

And that was really great! :smile: :lol:

The rain had stopped,good mood also on stage, :) good music and musicians, :) great show with great lighting (especially when it had become darker) – yes, also these old boys still rock!

(Was that a too excessive use of smilies?)