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More servers for Deutsche Bahn!

At least 31% more, what the hell, at least 3x more servers for Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)! That’s my demand, and I’m gonna go on strike for that now! Anyone wants to join?

Those who are currently looking for backup schedules on bahn.de must be very lucky to get at least the page’s title after an hour… and that when I want to go by train tomorrow.

The long-distance schedule, at least, is also available at N24.de (left hand side, “Mehr zum Thema”), but which short-distance trains will run and which won’t? Who wants to get to the station in time for one of the 50% of trains that will be cancelled, and with having to change trains later, too?


Update: Kinda funny, just after I had written that, the servers are reacting quite almost quickly again…

Regardless: :motz:

Just don’t show the biggest number!

More specifically, the largest number with a currency symbol that states a price increase. E.ON Bayern has, as announced, written to its (still) customers to inform about the planned electricity tariff increase with a letter and a brochure, also offering some own tariff variants. The red box at the side of the letter says (my translation):

What is changed by the electricity price adaption?
For a family with an average annual consumption of 3,500 kilowatt hours, the montly costs rise by about 5.60 Euro.”

In the letter’s continuous text:

“At an average consumption of, for instance, 3,500 kilowatt hours per year in the basic tariff, the price per kilowatt hour rises by 2.14 Cent, and at the same time the basic charge is reduced by 7.80 Euro per year.”

If you want to know how much more you have to pay each year, you have to calculate yourself: 3,500 x 2.14 Cent − 7.80 € = 67.10 €.

In the brochure, then, they give the total year’s costs (712.50 to 766.50 Euro) for all new tariffs (including loyalty price and price guarantee), but not for the old tariffs, either.

Y’know, honi soit qui mal y pense…

Phew, got away without injuries!

One is tempted to call such rigid, fully sealed plastic packaging which several manufacturers are using almost criminal – could that be attempted bodily injury? ;) –, packaging of 0.55mm strong plastic that even large household scissors can hardly open:

Harmony packaging

Can’t protection against theft (by taking devices out of the packaging) in the stores be made easier and more customer-friendly?


Quote of the Day (6)

Read on “Cruelty’s Blog” (German) which I found via Yigg.de:

“Layer-Ads is […] just a simple layer that moves into view with a little animation.
Thus, the user is not irritated and quickly finds the Close button, if he doesn’t wish the ad.”

(Emphasis and translation mine. And dear Cruelty, I don’t want to attack you personally, I just want to tell my opinion on such ads.)

Yigg screenshot of the blog Hmm… does anyone know anyone who doesn’t mind an ad thingy of about 750×500 pixels covering the page content? (Except those making money from it, of course…) Even if it disappears after viewing and closing once for all future (what I doubt; at least, it seems to work that way temporarily), that could alienate one visitor or another – and if even the Yigg screenshot consists almost completely of an 1&1 ad, one could think: ‘Oh, that blog with that ads, no, don’t need to go there.’

By the way, Layer-Ads.de says (my translation):

“Even visitors with pop-up blockers will see a layer.
The webmaster won’t lose a single compensated visitor.”

My Firefox–Proxomitron combination worked anyway, I had to dig up the unfiltered IE to get an impression of these ads. :mrgreen:

Front door missionaries

This morning, about 10 o’clock, via Heute vormittag ca. 10 Uhr via intercom system, an almost purring-dreamy female voice(*):

“Good day, my name is […]. We found out how much the Holy Scripture means to us…”

My translation, and not necessarily verbatim – I shouldn’t have waited that long with this post… By the way, that was only the second time someone like that rang my doorbell.

“Thank God” that wasn’t at an “ungodly hour”…

(*) Unfortunately not “my (boy)friend Anghela;)