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Quotes of the Day (9)

zodiac The German TV magazine HörZu reports in its current issue about „fortune telling on TV“ on AstroTV and Co. under the headline “collusive game” (everything translated by me):

“But in truth, the pendulum swingers and card readers want one thing above all others: the money of those seeking counsel.”

They also mention a woman who spent 38.000 € in one year for phone calls and became indebted beyond hope.

I wouldn’t have anything to add to that if it wasn’t for the chairman of the German astrologers association, Dr. Schubert-Weller, being also quoted (emphasis mine):

“TV formats, hotlines and similar things in which astrological counsel is being offered raise considerable doubts in respectability. The time just is insufficient to properly understand the concerns of the consulter and work on a trustworthy horoscope.”


Horoscopes trustworthy, respectable? Pah! At most in the following sense, and the choice of the word “work on” above seems appropriate:

Let’s quote (and translate) more, this time from the (German) text of the GWUP about astrology (emphases mine):

“From a scientific point of view, any form of astrology appears unsustainable. […]

The quality of astrologic life coaching is highly depending on the competence of the astrologer, in any case, the astrologer does not take any information from the horoscope, instead he puts the information into it. By this, he can, of course, achieve correct statements and sensible advice. This just has nothing to do with astrology, it only feigns a “higher” legitimation of the statements and advice for the customer than a normal psychologist conducting a counseling interview.”

I think it’s a pity that despite all enlightenment, education and today’s life’s modernity there are still so many people who believe in zodiac sign influences & Co.

Happy Birthday Mail from German Railways

[no, not just today, was some time ago]

Dear Deutsche Bahn, thanks for the “happy birthday” mail – I would have enjoyed it much more, however, if it didn’t start with an astrology sentence and the linked Flash animation didn’t essentially contain a year horoscope – I can do without such a lying, unscientific rubbish very well…

Edit 6 May/13 May 07:
I had mailed that at the same day to bahn.bonus, too – except for a standard text block reply (with name, though) at late evening (Sunday 22:48!), no specific answer has arrived yet. And if I am reading this sentence correctly [my translation]:

We will enjoy to make your constructive remarks and suggestions available to the responsible depatment of our enterprise. We are happy if you keep supporting us and thank you for your commitment.

then my mail is already in /dev/null, the virtual trash can…