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A fork on the road

Seen on a road:


Whether someone didn’t like the food in the nearby restaurant, whether it was supposed to be art, or just some minor lust for destruction – I guess we’ll never know…



An ad on a local ad newspaper (Bayrisches Taferl 16/2009) in normal newspaper size – complete view1 in the top left, the right and lower parts show enlarged details of the red framed areas. (Click to enlarge.)

My congratulations to the winner of the “Least Readable Asterisk Explanation Text” contest!! ;)

Update 17:20: Ha, they even got the same offer on their website – here’s the non-selectable text in default size:


At least you can read it without problems when zooming in with the browser – it says the usual about the limited time, extras are extra, can’t be combined with other offers, and the copyright of “Doctor’s Associates Inc.”, who own the SUBWAY® brand.

  1. except for the other ads that I blurred, that is []