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Projekt 52 week 5: My addictions

Projekt 52 The topic for week 5 in Sari’s Projekt 52:

My addictions!

Since I didn’t necessarily want to shoot chocolate and computer/internet, for the expectation that this might occur several times isn’t that far-fetched, I thought I’ll take this:

05: My addictions

Week 5: My addictions

Well, it’s no addiction in the stricter sense, but if I’d have to do without Leberkäse for a week, it wouldn’t be nice either… ;)

The photo shows a local butcher’s specialty during carnival time, “Metzgerkrapfen” (Krapfen = Berliner = bismarck = …), containing a little sweet mustard (which I didn’t catch when cutting) and nice spices on top.

Wiesn without Meadow

At the biggest volksfest of the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich (official site), not much can be seen of the meadow (German: “Wiese”) of the Theresienwiese, only wide asphaltic paths – which is good, since no-one would like to walk in the mud when it’s raining – and in the areas in between (or rather, only those on the edge), the grass is covered, of course, it’s only peeking out in a few spaces (and, well, some weed is being smoked, I assume).

With great late summer weather :eis: with 26°C (79°F) – it will be over 10°C (18°F) less tomorrow – there were again a lot of people there; of course not as much as on the weekend with 1 million visitors, 500,000 liters of beer and 11 oxen, but it’s said to have been 100,000 this afternoon. Didn’t count them myself, though, and I don’t know how many ghosts have been beaten up today


I also found a Maßkrug (stein) for 5.50 € – unfortunately, it was empty and only 6 cm high, and not in a marquee but at a souvenir shop. :grin: