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World Toilet Day

Today, on November 19, is World Toilet Day, declared by the World Toilet Organization – who would have thought something like that exists?

But there’s a meaning to it, befauce over 2.6 billion people don’t have toilets at all – and for many more, the situation isn’t much better. Which isn’t all too good for people’s health, much too often there’s bad hygiene, and the excrements are discharged directly into the environment.


The United Nations claim that more than 5 million children die every year from sanitation related diseases such as diarrhoea. More than a billion people without sanitary facilities relieve themselves on streets and in rivers, heavily polluting the water. The most important source of water contamination in developing countries is due to the lack of adequate sanitation facilities. Although public toilets are available in most countries, most of them are poorly maintained.

The WTO envisages clean, safe, affordable, ecologically sound and sustainable sanitation. It aims to advocate sustainable toilet systems through capacity building and public education, and by implementing real time projects.

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Bye, e.on…

Lago di Poschiavo As indicated here (“Electricity tariff increase”, 15 Oct), my electricity will soon come no longer from the normal local provider E.ON Bayern, but instead (due to the cancellation period, starting 1 Jan; cancellation confirmation arrived today) from Trianel – and then “naturally” the “eco” way.

Costs a tiny bit more than the standard electricity (85% non-regenerative) at current tariff, but noticeable less than at the future tariff (after the announced increase from 1 Jan 2008). And even less than E.ON’s eco electricity.

So my juice will then – don’t let beverage testers hear that! – come to 84% from the water of Lago di Poschiavo (photo from picswiss.ch) and the rest from other water, wind, biomass and a touch of solar energy.

Of course the best electricity is still that which is not consumed needlessly (e.g. standby)…

Electricity tariff increase

“Appropriately” on the Blog Action Day about the environment, now also E.ON, who provide me with electricity, too (and, after all, have not raised their tariffs this year), announced increases by an average of about 10% (in Bavaria).


Well, I (and many others, I’m sure) will stress comparison sites such as Verivox now…

Maybe an eco tariff won’t be bad, there seem to be some which are relatively low. (Yes, environmental protection that costs nothing or little is still the most successful kind…)