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64 = 26

Today is Freddie Mercury’s 64th birthday – since 64 = 26, here’s the 6th song, “Ogre Battle”, from the 2nd Queen album, “Queen II”, but in an alternative version:



Then we take the 64th song from the original studio albums (no bonus tracks, no singles B-sides, and hoping I counted correctly): “Who Needs You”1 from the “News Of The World” album:

Update: I miscounted after all, “Who Needs You” is song # 65. But since # 64 is sung by Brian, it’s a good choice anyway. :)

  1. but don’t take the title personally! []

20 Years Ago or
How to turn 5 digits into a song

20 years ago today, on 11 February 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from jail. Since then, he not just got the Nobel Peace Price, but also helps fighting AIDS with his 46664 campaing, named after a prisoner number he had for a long time.

There are major charity concerts in this campaign where the rest of Queen also plays regularly – often with Paul Rodgers (Tie Your Mother Down), occasionally with Katie Melua (Too Much Love Will Kill You) or Zucchero (Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime)1 or others.

And for the appeal to call the 46664 donation number, they wrote a song that’s starting from the telephone sounds:

  1. not a Queen song []


The first post in my blog – just a “hello world” – is from 6 Sep 2006 9:05:43am, hence my blog is now – on 10:43:28pm – exactly 1234.56789 days old. Just thought I’d mention it, there’s no big celebration. :)

What, you do want a little more? Alright, here’s a poem generated with Poetron in German, then translated by Google (plus one little correction) and some virtual champagne:

Blogging the blogs
Blogs must be dreaming.
You dream old and broken.
You grab silly and pure.
Oh Blogger, you’re old too!
What probably grab, blogging what?
The moods!
Grabbing blogs!
Old blogs dream
old and clean.

redhead model cheering isolated on white


Photo: Gleb Semenjuk – Fotolia.com