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The perfect post

The Holy Trinity of the Three Sevens in the combination of mind and soul with the four elements brings you this divine perfect post, the sevenhundredandseventyseventh of my blog, for your complete enlightenment.


Know ye, it is written:

Divide the triple bad luck twice by the elemental bad luck, so that it shall dissolve itself and the divine perfect remain.1

Like the trinity and the four elements put together result in the Seven, the perfect 777 consists of four elemental trinities based on the double Three.2

Write this following Prayer in your best handwriting on handmade paper, frame it and hang it 7.77 centimeters above the floor, lie down in front of it at a distance of 7.77 inches and loudly speak the Prayer 777 times in 7.77 hours, so that you shall find complete enlightenment and no longer need candles nor lightbulbs, now and for evermore.

This is how ye shall pray:

Our number, who art in cosmos,
Hallowed be thy prime factors.
Thy factorization come.
Thy calculation be done,
In the computer as in our heads.
Give us this day our daily enlightenment.
And forgive us our miscalculations,
As we forgive those who calculate against us.
And lead us not into division by zero,
But deliver us from the 666.
For thine is the 3, and the 7, and the 37,
for ever and ever.

  1. (131313:13):13 = 777 []
  2. 777 10 = 3333 6 []

Links of the Week (2008/45)

700, or: End of the world in 1 week?

This is the 700th post in my blog, and as it’s a good tradition, I’m “replying” to a few search requests.

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

[ick my lotto numbers
Up yours too.


very gut software lotto
Software no good, can’t predict either.

to the universe which lotto numbers shall I play today
To search.icq.com: what crackpots do you have among your users?

im gonna kneel down and pray till the gods can hear what i say
Question for the doctors: Is it bad for your health to kneel for decades?

pray out loud its the end
Praying won’t help, and it’d be way too early, the end isn’t here yet.

nächst week
What’s supposed tu bie next week?

end of the world in 1 week?
No. And yes, I’m sure about that, because that search request is older than one week. But it even won’t work with the end of the world 2012, sorry.

how to create personal horoscope
Just write anything that’s generic enough for everybody to find something he can relate to, and insert his birthday somewhere.

numerology what does my birthday mean
Exactly as much as in astrology: It’s the day you were born.

Will Number 15 and 26 Match according to Numerology
That depends on what you want – if you want them to match, make up a numerology system that claims that; if not, make up another.

fly and telepathy
Hey, that must be the reason that these beasts so easily escape the fly swatter!

magnet pads effect
0. Or rather: –x with x=exorbitant price you have to pay for them.

= -0,707106781 + 0,707106781 i

und means latein
Et bedeutet Latin.

why won’t you call quotes
Well, I didn’t think about it yet. So let’s go: Quotes! Quotes, where are you? Quo-ootes!

Yeah, me also confuse a little the program schedule on German Fox TV, they are showing lots of episodes of Lost. At any rate, there are three episodes of the the 4th season every Saturday at 17:55.

i am lines from we will rock you
You are lines? What a strange delusion…

How do I write a winning notification
Are you a newbie spammer, huh? No, I won’t help people like you.
:bye: We better stop for today, bye, that was all you wanna see.

The Number of the Beast

Here is wisdom.
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of this post
for it is a human number,
its number is


And in this 666th post, I got a diabolical special edition of search request “replies”:

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

pfaffenhofen devil
[deep, thunderous voice] YOU HAVE FOUND HIM!

do you want to change the devil
[deep, thunderous voice] HA HA HA! YOU’LL NEVER MANAGE THAT, YOU WORM!

the devil ass
[deep, thunderous voice] NOW DON’T BE INSULTING!

[deep, thunderous voice, louder] HEY, IF SOMEONE’S SCREAMING HERE, IT’S ME!

angel and devil porn pictures
[deep, thunderous voice] WE DON’T TAKE PHOTOS!

*cough* Alright, seriously now:

is there a devil uri geller how can a table bleed
I said seriously! :roll: Or are people really stupid enough to connect a magic trick such as a “bleeding” table with the devil??

I’ve crossed “the door” and I don’t like what I see....but a devil is only a sick Angel
And I’ve read “the search requests” and I don’t like some of them, either… but it’s rather cold outside.

What do men want angels or devils

Halloween devil update
Erm, what’re you tryin’ to say?

devil motive 4 you 2
Erm, what’re you tryin’ to say?

if you wont to give your soul to the real devil how do you and what do you say
Counterquestion: How do you think you’re able to recognize the real devil (assuming for a moment there was one)?

windel devil
Wouldn’t you prefer diaper teufel?

:teufel: I think that’s enough for today. Bye, I’ll go and sacrifice a few goats now, and remember, i wanna be your god i wanna be your devil too.

More about this silly number mysticism e.g. in the Wikipedia.

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Seven hundred and thirty-one

Now 731 is not that catchy a number. So let’s make that 24. Hm, could be mixed up with the TV seroes. So we better take this:

2nd birthday

Because my blog turns 2 years old today. Just wanted to mention that (and also in time, after I almost missed this anniversary last year) – not without thanking the hundreds of commenters who wrote over 1600 comments1 to the about 640 posts so far:

Want a piece of the cake? There’s enough for everybody, so help yourself and enjoy!

Photo: JJAVA – Fotolia.com

  1. this does not include my own comments and the trackbacks/pingbacks; with them, it’s over 3000 []