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600, or: That which nobody needs

Aloha from hell, welcome to the 600th post in my blog, and traditionally, this post, too, deals with search requests (grey background) that led people here. As always, I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German queries. And that in the title is one, too, of course.

why do I laugh when I have to cry
Keep reading, then you got the answer: It’s the search queries’ fault!

can the lotto numbers be predicted?
NO! How often do I have to repeat this??

please, tell me the next lotto numbers, the entire lotto number, the next possible lotto numbers!
Stop it or I’ll throw the lotto drawing balls at you!

no clue of lotto
Yeah, that’s just what you got!

formula golden section for lotto numbers
Aaargh! ENOUGH! I count to 3, and if you don’t stop right away… 1… 2… 2.5…

stop fucking up the numbers i’m trying to search for something
Oh, sorry, no more numbers now. What exactly are you looking for?

i’ve been searching for the real thing
Good idea – and you’re dead right here! Anything specific?

verb to wear in latin
I’d recommend to wear some regular clothing in Latin class, too, and not a verb. That’d be a little too scanty.

complete list of scams by kind
Now you’re funny, no webserver on earth got that much space!

silly domain names
Found it! ;) But there are sillier ones, e.g. the often mentioned classics such as expertsexchange etc.

anti science generator
See mystic. (And here is everything I’ve written about anti-science so far.)

can we cut hair in full moon?
cause i dont know in the sun
If the brightness of the full moon is enough for you, I don’t know any reason against it.

full moon capricorn unhairing
Better don’t, the animals need their fur!

what is someone die full moon day

what does nostradamus say to black hole?
Were he still alive, he’d probably say “trou noir”, being French. If you’re referring to his silly scribble, which crackpots of all kind read anything into, you must ask said crackpots, I’m sure there are some who found faked something about black holes, LHC etc.

addicted to healers and gurus
A danger that should not be underestimated! Or what do you think?

oh shut up
Hey, not that impertinently! But alright, let’s stop for today – over and out, bye! May you always have walls for the winds!

8 8 8 ∞ 8 8 8

bride from behind No, I’m not writing about the Olympics in Beijing and their opening ceremony which will start today at 8:08pm local time = 12:08 UTC1; I just wanted to mention that by chance there are exactly 8 marriages planned at Pfaffenhofen’s civil registry today.2

A wedding date that’s probably harder to forget than others… local couples probably won’t think much about the Asian superstition that the number 8 means luck and wealth. (Hopefully. :) )

Just a little pity for the couples that they have to take the ramp at the back of the town hall because the proper front entrance is still inaccessible due to the construction works – my photo from this Sunday shows the ground at the front.

Photo: Paul Retherford – Fotolia.com

  1. except this sentence, that is []
  2. no, I’m none of them []

500! or Half of the time we don’t know

coffee This is 500th post in this li’l blog o’ mine (don’t get confused by the number in the URL, that one also counts drafts, pages and uploads). And it’s already a tradition to show you some of the search phrases (with grey background; neither shortened nor extended nor made up, I just translated the German ones) that brought people here:

do you know why we should break down and cry
You can find some reasons in here, since there’s an answer if you reach into your soul.

bandaged feet of verona poth
Who’d want to see that?? i fucking dont care!

i think im in love with a girl who lives
That’s certainly better, necrophilia is really abnormal (and illegal).

sex with spectacle wearer
Certainly possible. What’s your problem?

in coffee naked
Warning, hot! And certainly expensive to have that much coffee in a cup that large to contain a person. Or hard if you mean coffee beans.

a fuck of coffee
So, cheers and enjoy! If that, whatever exactly it is, is something to enjoy…

i want my pray come true
Well, who’d pray hoping the prayers were useless? Alright, they are, in general, all rather useless – and even Google won’t be able to change that.

internet page enter numbrs and predict
There you are, enter a number and click OK:

numerological preview 2008
…says: “Numerology still is rubbish and nonsense.”

predictions for end of the world
There are many, and not a single one turned out to be true. Guess why? ;)

Finding the proper words and spelling them correctly is not always easy:
exist other planet with lyfe youtube
every morgen wake up
-mother hope you came my life yeah yeah
are you love same tonight tables
do you see the light aaaaa
oh oh oh oh oh may there be no pools tonight
you got a reaction that’s bed in you
me “where you” feel when i am look love that “but now”
i have below the machine cook can i can i every want to send on the blue oh tell me why

That’s it for this time, bye!


please don’t stop c’mon
Okay, call me when you want it i give it, so let’s continue:

schnuffel kuschel bedclothes

vulva university
There’s a university for that? Where??

top commenters blog
You’re a comment spammer, hm? Then why didn’t you comment here yet – don’t like that I don’t count from the start of the month, which would make it easy to place your link in the list, but the last 30 days instead?

This, now, really is the end for this time. Just a saying:

childhood ends when you stop seeing monsters in your closet and you realise that they are walking on the street


Photo: Ben Heys – Fotolia.com