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40 Years

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing of the Apollo 11 mission, my blog header will display images that roughly follow the course of the mission from the launch on July 16 to the moon landing on July 20 to the return on July 24 (even though the actual timeline isn’t matching exactly1) – here’s a little appetizer in thumbnail size:

cim3_0716 cim3_0717 cim3_0718
cim3_0719 cim3_0720 cim3_0721
cim3_0722 cim3_0723 cim3_0724
(These images still have to randomly share their spot with “Zensursula”, protesting the installation of an internet censorship infrastructure in Germany, falsely pretending to effectively fight child pornography.)

The photos are of course from NASA (and as such in the public domain), some taken from Wikimedia Commons, some from this exhaustive NASA Image Library.

The Big Picture currently also shows a nice selection of photos.

:idea: A great site re-creating the mission in a “re-live” kind of way and offering many images etc. is WeChooseTheMoon.org – check it out! (via)

Oh, and those still doubting the moon landings were real should have a look at Bad Astronomy or Clavius.

  1. and the launch photo is actually from Apollo 15, the rocket stage split from Apollo 6 []


1000 gold

M in Roman digits… k as unit prefix kilo3E8 hexadecimal… 1111101000 binary…  in Chinese… 1000 in Arabic1 numerals…

And this is the 1000th post in my blog2:tanz: Starting with short and mostly banal posts in the first three quarters (beginning September 2006) – with a fan-tas-tic average of 2.5 posts per month –, both content and frequency of posts slowly increased, and on 12 June 2007, drumroll please, the first trackback from another blog arrived at my quick report about the first, miserable “public beta” of Apple’s Safari browser for Windows – 16 minutes after publication, hooray for Google’s speed! –, and slowly the first visitors and commentators (that I didn’t know personally) arrived, and things really started with the Technorati link campaign in August 2007 – let’s face it, who really cares about the Technorati Authority? The visitors (and commentators) coming through such a campaign are what’s really important!

Well, we’ll see the thousands more posts and comments the future will bring…

Photo (orig.): Edward White – Fotolia.com

  1. or rather Indian []
  2. well, several posts are German only, so it’s actually less for you []