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Links and Video of the Week (2009/14)

Batman in Batman?

Bats + Moon

One could start to believe that Turkey is apporaching America (and somehow also Germany, unfortunately) regarding the utilization of lawyers and courts: The mayor of the city of Batman in south-east Turkey wants to sue the producer of the Batman movie – that is, the comic hero movie – because the name was used without agreement from the city.

Apart from the wee fact that Batman, the comic hero, is almost 70 years old and the Batman man is a little late – why sue at all? Why not use the homonymy touristically, for advertising? How about a Batman amusement park in Batman?

Oh, no, probably the Batman people are afraid that those owning the comic rights sue them – or demand horrendous license fees – if they’d use Batman just like that for Batman…

Hopefully he manufacturers of baseball and other bats don’t jump on the bandwagon. Or pet shop owners. Or Dracula.

Illustration: weirdvis/sxc