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Rush with speed, blogs!

screenshots of BLOGspeed and BlogRush Does automatic link exchange with other, allegedly topically related blogs really generate a noteworthy amount of traffic, i.e. new readers? Even though – or because? – these link fields don’t really match your own blog’s design?

Update: At BLOGspeed, you can now pick the colors freely, and BlogRush now offers 13 “flavors”.

Well, it’s worth a try, especially when it’s new services (which hopefully will become more configurable). So I registered with the German BLOGspeed (found at Datenschmutz) and the English BlogRush (found, among others, at Daily Blog Tips), with only the one corresponding to the currently selected language being displayed, of course – near the end of the sidebar on the right.

I picked the category “Entertainment” which seems least inappropriate for my blog “about anything”. We’ll see what kind of links will show up there… hope it’s not too much celebrity gossip.

If you want to register, too, why not do that via my referral links, so that I get a few “credits” (for more displays of own links on other blogs): :mrgreen:
for BLOGspeed (for German blogs)
für BlogRush (currently for English blogs only)
(or click the link at the bottom of the link field).


Apparently, nowadays everyone must have a blog – God has one, too! (He chose to write in German, though.) At least the god of the christians and jews, the others – with the exception of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – are not linked. But maybe that’s to come in the future…

Anyway, it’s nice to read the (funny, interesting, worth reading – if youi speak German, that is) heavenly insights from a being that doesn’t even exist. :devil:

Take a look, unless you’re humorless fundamentalists (well, maybe you should then, especially):

:bow: gottsblog.de [no longer existing].

(found at the Prinzzess)


No, Oliver from aptgetupdate.de, you’re not the last one to hear about the German Blogosphäre in Icons – at most, last but one. :)

It’s a nice project, it’s just bound to become more and more confusing the more blogs participate. But you can just click somewhere at random and see what kind of blog shows up, just like you can throw a dart at a map to determine where to spend your vacation.

(No, I’m not telling you to throw a dart at the monitor.) :tongue:

Edit: I just made it so that 7 bit are sufficient – I’m number 127 in the list. :crazy:

Technorati ChainNet

This is a Technorati link campaign among German blogs, so, sorry, the following text is German only.

In einem verzweifelten :tongue: Versuch, Links und Leser zu bekommen, kommt mir diese aktuelle Aktion vom Infopirat grad recht: Machst du mich zu deinem Favoriten, mach ich dich zu meinem. :kissc:

Und so geht’s:

  1. Mach Infopirat und mein Blog hier zu deinem Favoriten bei Technorati – und vielleicht auch Datenschmutz , denn dort wird mehr zur Bedeutung von Technorati erklärt, und GreenSmilies , von dem diese hübschen grünen Button stammen.
  2. Schreibe einen kleinen Beitrag bei dir zum Thema Technorati-Blogkette und fordere deine Leser auf, daran teilzunehmen (und auch zu dir zu linken).
  3. Verlinke diesen meinen Artikel hier, den du gerade liest, und den von Infopirat.
  4. Ich checke bei Technorati, ob du mein Blog verlinkt hast, und füge dich dann meinen Favoriten bei Technorati hinzu – und liste dich unten in diesem Beitrag.
  5. Sollte ich dich vergessen, oder du möchtest das ganze gerne beschleunigen, schreib hier einen Kommentar und füge deinen “Add to Technorati” Link ein.

Dann mal los :aufgehts: – mal sehen, was es bringt… :angel:

Diese “FaveBacks” (und neue) kamen bisher:

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