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Links of the Week (2008/05)

Short and sweet:

Autoritative Ketten(re)aktion

A German blogs’ link campaign…

tobiwei.de und drumba.de veranstalten derzeit eine “Pimp my Technorati Authority”-Blogkette ähnlich der im August, die durch gegenseitige Verlinkungen einerseits dazu dient, die eigene Technorati-Authority zu erhöhen (wenn man denn Wert darauf legt; und ältere Links fallen ja nach sechs Monaten aus deren Zählung heraus) und andererseits neue Blogs kennenzulernen sowie selbst eventuell neue Leser zu finden. Was bei mir damals auch recht gut geklappt hat. :)

add to Technorati

Wie’s genau geht, ist am besten bei den Veranstaltern nachzulesen. Im wesentlichen sind das der eigene Beitrag, die Veröffentlichung der Liste nach Ende der Aktion am kommenden Sonntag, die Favorisierung der Blogs (geht auch jetzt schon) sowie die Zusatzbedingung, fünf Blogs zu nennen, die man häufig liest (um nebenbei auch diese darauf aufmerksam zu machen) – und da nenne ich mal:

Draußen nur Kännchen
Sam online

Hoffentlich fühlt sich jetzt keiner der vielen anderen übergangen… :)

Eine(n) Suchbegriff(skombination) für den Link in der Liste kann man auch nennen, und da wähle ich mal meinen Vornamen “Andreas”. Auch wenn das für mich kaum was bringen dürfte, suchergebnistechnisch gesehen. :mrgreen:

Links of the Week – Special Edition (2008/04)

Jahr der Mathematik (Logo) To the Year of Mathematics (all in German):

Other links of the week:

  • How evolution really works – an informative 10-minute video (via BA).
  • A somewhat inappropriate Jesus-shaped lightswitch.
  • A somewhat inappropriate reaction of a church to Heath Ledger’s death.
  • Duden language counseling: The current questions – the right answers (German).
  • The LOLinator – turn your blog into a cat blog!example for my blog (via Wissen belastet). :)
  • Kissing → Fucking in 2h 17min. :)

Links of the Week (2008/03)

Short and sweet:

A yellow pages site is begging for backlinks

Well, they’d give some in return, unlike a elsewhere a few months ago (German). Quote from the mail (my translation):

“You receive this e-mail because you have been registered in our yellow pages site web2.cylex.de for some time now.

…but not voluntarily…

We’d like to offer you one or two backlinks as long as you set one of the following link to us:

<a href=”http://web2.cylex.de”>Branchenbuch</a>
<a href=”http://www.cylex-telefonbuch.de”>Telefonbuch</a>
<a href=”http://www.cylex-review.com”>Firmenbewertung</a>

The address of your homepage is already stored in your file, however the link is currently not treated as such by search engines (masked with Javascript). If a link exchange is accomplished, the link will be demasked by us and considered a real backlink by the search engines.

If you don’t want to receive further e-mails from us, please open the page […] to unsubscribe.

I never wanted e-mails from them, because I have never been in this yellow pages site which apparently is filled automatically from who knows what sources.

Thank you for your attention,

Your IKM Team

IKM Internet Kaufmarkt GmbH

Since even if there are loads of useful entries in this cylex yellow pages site (ignoring a readability with needs for improvement thanks to USAGE OF CAPITAL LETTERS in some places), I’m sure that there must be numerous useless ones, too, because:

  • 2005, I was listed with an old private address that had been invalid for years, mixed up with phone number and description from some company.
  • Late 2006 (I wrote about it here), they offered a free route description for the entry that this is about now, too: the private site of my Abitur class (German kind of university-entrance diploma) (rmg91.de), entered as company “RMG 91 CHARAKTERISTIK” with my current private address (without my name).
    For “keywords, field of company’s activity”, their bot didn’t find anything more, so they just repeated the assumed company name.

Update: You’ve got to hand it to them that they reacted to my mail within less than 45 minutes and removed this entry. :applaus: