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Projekt 52

Projekt 52 week 9: The color red

The topic of week 9 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

The color red

So I today took another picture of my Chrismas star which reached only second place, so to speak, two weeks ago for the “flowerage” topic – good thing that Sari drew this topic now and not in several weeks. :) And in the following weeks, I’ll try to be a little more creative…

09: The color red

Week 9: The color Red

My little Christmas star (Poinsettia) does show that it isn’t that fresh anymore, but for late February, it still has quite a few red bracts – 2 weeks ago for the topic “flowerage” I rather did without it, but it fits nicely here…

Projekt 52 week 8: What frightens me?

The topic of week 8 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

What frightens me?

At first I was afraid I’d never have an idea what to present photographically on this topic… but wait, afraid to have no idea? Bingo! So I quickly grabbed my camera:

08: What frightens me?

Week 8: What frightens me?

Maybe the fear of every blogger (and other kind of writer): No idea what to write about, represented by an almost empty WordPress window. The slight distorion caused by the low camera distance even somehow fits thematically…

Alright, it’s a very simple solution, but whatever. :mrgreen:

Projekt 52 week 7: Flowerage

The topic of week 7 in Sari’s Projekt 52:


At first, I had thought about my Christmas star (Poinsettia) which still has most of its red bracts – but it doesn’t look that great and wouldn’t live up to its Latin name part pulcherrima. So instead of wandering around and shooting flowerage in other people’s gardens which is still a little sparse around here, I decided to take a closeup:

07: Flowerage

Week 7: Flowerage

A closeup of my sunlit Phalaenopsis (orchid)…

Projekt 52 week 6: Song interpretation

The topic of week 6 in Sari’s Projekt 52:

Song interpretation

At first, I had 1½ ideas for Queen songs, but somehow that wasn’t good yet… the alternative was found quickly, though, and this way yesterday’s football match Germany – Austria had something good in it after all:

06: Song interpretation

Week 6: Song interpretation

My photo idea for the slightly ambiguous title “Big Balls” by AC/DC…

He’s got big balls
She’s got big balls
But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all


Projekt 52 week 5: My addictions

Projekt 52 The topic for week 5 in Sari’s Projekt 52:

My addictions!

Since I didn’t necessarily want to shoot chocolate and computer/internet, for the expectation that this might occur several times isn’t that far-fetched, I thought I’ll take this:

05: My addictions

Week 5: My addictions

Well, it’s no addiction in the stricter sense, but if I’d have to do without Leberkäse for a week, it wouldn’t be nice either… ;)

The photo shows a local butcher’s specialty during carnival time, “Metzgerkrapfen” (Krapfen = Berliner = bismarck = …), containing a little sweet mustard (which I didn’t catch when cutting) and nice spices on top.