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Projekt 52

Projekt 52 week 4: Contemporary witness

Projekt 52 The topic for week 4 for Sari’s Projekt 52 (German):

Contemporary witness (expressly not necessarily a person).

Easy for me to find a motif, just get on my balcony and I had my constructural contemporary witness:

04: Contemporary witness

Week 4: Contemporary witness

The old Ilmgau department store in Pfaffenhofen/Ilm – opened 1977, closed 2005 with 7-digit debts. To the left an old cinema, at last the beverage department of the store. Since recently, after several failed attempts to sale/auction it, it has new owners – cinema and a small stockroom (not on the photo) will be knocked down, the rest will house offices, and probably a shop on the ground floor.

I’ve only seen the last two years, and then it was mainly a supermarket with remains from general wares. Old furniture and installations, broken heating in the last winter, range of products growing sparser and sparser, probably the region’s highest share of food beyond its eat-by date – and ever fewer customers. Which turns into a vicious circle, of course…

…so, a contemporary witness of former store ages that couldn’t keep up with the times…

Of course I modified the colors a little…

Projekt 52: Week 1–3

Projekt 52 Sari at Mondgras has started a nice photo (or drawing) project: Projekt 52 which is about shooting a (new!) photo about a given topic.

Read more (in German) at Sari’s general infotopic overview with photo links – all participants.

Since I didn’t enter right away, here are three photos at once:

01: The new year

Week 1: The new year

A calendar (a small one, since it’s just one year out of many) in bright sunshine, may the year be as bright…

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