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Good Fishing!

Hope you don’t mind another little bit of Lego. :) This post is about my fast contest entry to the Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest in category A, shown here with the figure:

Fisherman vignette with minifig

There’s always the dilemma: Participate early and risk that you get a better idea later or a competitor making your idea better, or participate late and risk someone else having the same idea, making you look like a copy-cat?

Since I like my idea and think others might have the same, I hurried to make my little 8×8 vignette complete with splashing water, crab under water, duck, plants, tree, and another fish caught earlier…

The contest rules demand a vignette without figure, so the following image is my official image; the last one shows the top view (illustrating the small overhang):

Fisherman vignette Fisherman vignette top view