The Seven-Anghela Itch

– Part of a series

(Again, I’ll try to make this the mockery of a scam in bad German have some sense to you English readers…)

“Excuse for that I something days not wrote.” Sure, no problem, I don’t write about you here in my blog every day, either. “From away, I want that you know that I to you very much want to meet.” You’re talking to everyone like that, huh? Well, I guess I’ll be away soon. :)

“You have told to Me that you want that our meeting has, too, happened.” I haven’t. We already know your translation program is poor, but that it invents stuff like that?

“I will be requiring me the two-sided map.” A folded map like those from Falk? Good luck trying putting that back together, you’re gonna need your recreation: “because at me Now has the holiday, that I take would was, itself begun with you to relax and to meet.”


Good idea that you will “start to search arbitrary possibilities now just straight,” since your twisted wangling is no good idea. Also tell that your friends who are “interested that the noblesse like ours The relations will develop.”

But be careful that your “master”, whom I had suspected before, or whoever is ordering you to do all that, gets to know about it. Or why do you have to do so much? “Tell me, about as you think Our meeting, I must know your opinion.” “I ought to say that it very From Away.” “I ought to tell you that I me such trip, since it very not make possible can From Away.”

Sou you want to know a few things now:

“Your full name;???”
“Your full address;???”
— My address is as full as my name.

“The title of the airport should I fly close;???”
— The title should be at least “Prof. Dr. Dr.”, but better don’t do that flying thing, there’s enough air traffic already.

“The quantity of the mobile telephone”
— One.

“Worry, my precious thing, I send the kisses for you!” – Aaargh! Yes, I’m worried!


(PS: If you, dear reader, happen to own the rights of these pictures the spammers used, just send me a little note and I’ll remove them.)

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See also this German antispam forum here and especially there

And again the explicit note that this can only be frauds that want to grift pretended travel costs and/or do money-laundering.

Continued: No d8 with Anghela

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