As Me Lunch

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriescos i know there ain’t no chance.

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

As me lunch
Who’d want to lunch as someone else anyway, you won’t get full from that!

did you ever ask yourself
Was denn?
intelligent english sentences
Sorry, won’t find these in search requests. Example.
she’s the bitch hallo she’s like a tekst

ecki breaky heart
Recently, Ecki twittered (in German) that he feels good – I think you’re mistaken.

flickr without panties
Oh, new usage conditions? Flickr may only be visited without panties on? Well, alright… Does this apply to premium accounts too?
(Anyway, they’re just imitating me, I had made this a rule for my blog too in a past edition of search request replies.)

Like to wear men’s thongs
Then I hope you’re not a woman.

I like to wear women’s underwear
Then I hope you’re not a man.

slip, stumble – what does that tell me?
That you still need to practice walking?

yoga congested meridians
That was only meant satirically, actually…

If you’re referring to that stupid alien show: YES, THEY CLAIMED THAT. DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TRUE. SHOUT.

repot in star sign ……
Your plants are long dead before you’ll reach any star constellation in your space ship.

fortunetelling for the 21st century
…is sometimes “reasoned” with modern technology or science, but won’t become more exact or realistic either.

lotto numbers that who come out most
These are those that who are kracy lotty numbers!

Hi Rainer will do today übersetzen von englisch in deutsch
He du, I am not Rainer und ich werde not translate from English to German heute.

bohemian rhapsody aptitude test
For what? For acapella bands? Yeah, you could take that song for this purpose.

:bye: Bye for this time, and remember: everything, everything i see…. I mean I can see the big picture but that’s not all it is. Lines floating in space come together to form whatever YOU want them to be!

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  1. S

    Lottozahlen DIE WO …. immer schön sowas zu hören.

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