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Blog recommendation award baton

Brillante Premio A mixture of baton, blog recommendation, and award, called “Brillante Weblog Premio 2008”, apparently made its way from the Italian or Spanish speaking world into the German blogosphere…

And in spite of the danger that an award that’s spread too far loses its value, I’ll join in and pass it on to other blogs – it reached me from Julia with the words (in my translation):

“Andreas/cimddwc must appear, too, of course, because he superbly takes apart pseudosciences, holds a great music quiz and in general competently deals with subjects I’m interested in myself.”

Thanks a lot!

However, I’ll modify the original instructions

The winner may show the logo on his blog.1 He must link to the person who gave him the award and may pass it on to at least seven more blogs. These blogs must also be linked to and notified about the award.

such that not only I’ll leave the notification to the automatic functions of the blog software (like others already did), but also make mentioning and linking (and passing on) optional – that is, you may just enjoy the award and do nothing yourself.

Basically, I could pass this award baton right back to Julia, for she’d deserve this prize from me, too – following the baton aspect, however, I’ll pick seven other blogs which (hopefully) didn’t have it yet… so these are the blogs I’m giving this award to (in (almost) alphabetical order; only two in English, though, plus one with many photos):

  • Bad Astronomy (redirects to his new home on Discover Magazine’s site) – Phil Plait about the beauty of the universe and science in general and the stupidity of various anti-sciences.
  • Begrenzte Wissenschaft – fulfilling his own description “About culture of science and science in culture: about connections, consequences, misunderstandings and intentional dumbing” (my translation) with flying colors. (But, yeah, it’s German, as you can see…)
  • Facing my life – with a camera, that is, with which Crosa takes numerous fantastic photos.
  • Friendly Atheist – the title should tell what this readable blog is about…
  • StoiBär – political and everyday stuff to the point.
  • Wirbelwebber – you could say it’s anything but a woman’s blog. ;)

And the newcomer prize, if you will, goes to:

So in this spirit, thanks to you (and many more bloggers) for your brilliant posts!

  1. But please copy it to your own webspace, if possible, and don’t hotlink it directly from here. []

Let’s have a Wordle

Word clouds on steroids, if you will, can be created with Wordle, with some options for font, layout and color. For instance, this may look like the following image (click to enlarge) for my “On the trail of afterlife” article:

Wordle: afterlife

Or like this for what I wrote about this full moon astrology rubbish yesterday:

Wordle: full moon

Nice toy…

Or my complete blogroll (including brief descriptions):

Wordle: Blogroll

That could be turned into a kind of blog baton – for everyone with a sufficiently large blogroll, ideally with descriptions: How does your blogroll look like in Wordle? I don’t pass it on specifically, though, if you want to participate, just do it…

(via Evil under the Sun)